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The Heretic Ezine – Issue 2

Well folks! After much waiting and patience on your part, The Heretic issue 2 has finally arrived. The Heretic is Heresy-Online’s own, professionally edited Fanfiction and Art e-magazine.  Edited by me, Commissar Ploss, and filled to the brim with stories from you, the members! Heresy-Online and TheFoundingFields.com have teamed up to give you another rousing installment of the magazine that will last for ages. lol

You can view and/or download the new issue

I would suggest you download a copy for yourself, that way you can put it on your various eReader devices and take it on the go with you. Or you can simply view it at that link. Also, downloading it makes the art look sooooo much better.

Please take the time to visit the Heretic Ezine section of the forum here at Heresy and comment on all the wonderful stories you’ve read and beautiful artwork you’ve seen.


Commissar Ploss

Embedded Giveaway is done!

Two winners have been selected and i’m happy to say it was a good turnout!

Doelago Karukka and Mia Dalsgaard are your winners for Heresy-Online and TFF respectively! Congratulations you two, your books are on the way!


for those of you who didn’t win, you can buy it here!

Full Disclosure

Heresy-Online & The Founding Fields "Embedded" Giveaway

Heresy-Online and The Founding Fields have teamed up to give away two copies of Dan Abnett’s new book, Embedded! Find out how you can enter!

Hey There folks! Commissar Ploss here to bring you another wonderful something for the readers of The Founding Fields!

Heresy-Online (the best forum in the land) has partnered with TheFoundingFields.com (the premier Black Library book review and fiction news website) to give away two copies of Dan Abnett’s new book, EmbeddedAngry Robot Books has generously supplied us with the two copies to help spread the word of Mr. Abnett’s latest literary achievement.

The stunning military science fiction novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Prospero Burns.

We’re here to spread the nice goodies on to you, our loyal readers and forumites.  All you have to do, to enter, is answer two simple questions.  You didn’t think we were just going to throw them at you, did you?

Two available copies means two questions.  One that can be found here, and on that can be found over at www.Heresy-Online.net.

Here is the question for The Founding Field’s copy:

What is the name of the Jounalist who is featured in this book?

If you can answer this question correctly, you’ll be entered into the giveaway to win the copy from The Founding Fields. Now you can head on over to Heresy-Online for a chance to win their copy!

Send you answers to

Be sure to mention which site’s question you are answering and include your forum handle in the subject line.
The Giveaway will run through Friday, June 10th.

or, If you’re a baby, and can’t wait to see if you’ve won, you can order the book below:

Heresy News Network returns with new blog editor and new lineup

Heresy-Online returns to the wargaming news scene with a new editor and new outlook.  Long time Heresy-Online member Bubblematrix has stepped up to the plate and been raised to the level of blog editor! 
Since site owner/administrator and former blog editor/creator Jezlad began his acting career, there has been a lack of content from the HNN scene, and the Blog Network, of which TFF was one of the first sites to join.  However, this doesn’t mean that the HNN was to be counted out. A search was ongoing from those early days to land another editor for the blog, one who would have more time to spend and be able to draw more content for posting.  As stated above, Bubblematrix stepped up and has taken over the reigns.  He’s provided us on staff with a great itinerary as to the content that will be provided on a weekly basis.  Here is a copy, courtesy of the HNN blog:

Weekly events, if there is a weekly theme or we are covering event Monday will be the day to read about it, it will also include any weekly challenges or details of upcoming articles which you wouldn’t want to miss.
Tuesday is modelling day, expect to see peoples best modelling projects showcased for all to see, enter your own works for a chance to have your model on the front page of Heresy.
For those wanting the latest on modelling techniques, equipment and kits. Tuesday will include tutorials from beginner to expert level and reviews of new releases.
Flufftastic Thursday – expect all your story, fluff and background needs to be met by the army of Heresy original writers and those with encyclopedic knowledge of the 40k universe
Friday night is games night, taking the hobby in a broader sense, so expect some non-table top wargames, standalone and classics mixed in with a healthy dose of off topic
For those wanting tactical aids either to beat their oldest enemies or take on new foes Saturday will include articles based around the tactics of GW games
Like all good Sundays HNN’s will be a day of reflection, the week past and bringing to a close any weekly events and just to keep you all reading (or help with sleep) the HNN editorial will bring you the best (or worst) of the weeks events at Heresy.

 Look forward to the Flufftastic Thursday posts, as you will see periodic posts by yours truly, and from other wonderful fluffmeisters/writers from Heresy-Online. You’ll be hardpressed to find a more dedicated crowd than the Heretics at Heresy-Online, save perhaps BL itself. haha.  Why don’t you head on over to HNN and have a look around.



Featured Fiction – Triple Feature! [Commissar Ploss]

For the third and last piece in our Featured Fiction “Triple Feature!”, i’ve selected a piece of 40k fiction that i wrote two years ago for Heresy-Online’s first ever fanfic competition.  This piece subsequently won me the title of the Heresy-Online Fan Fiction King. I was humbled to say the least. enjoy!


At the End of All Things
Commissar Ploss

Waking from the daemon-grip of death’s hands is never a welcome instance. Being the only one to do so, is even less.

Gazing through the cracked lenses of his helmet, brother Vicarus viewed the world as a grey haze. A faint rasp emitted from his augmetic voice box as he realized he had just tried to chuckle. Viewing the sky above him from the bottom of an impact crater all too ironically displayed the gravity of the situation. The air was acrid with the smell of burning promethium and the stench of boiled flesh, and his auditory sensors picked up the faint crackle of a fire not fifty meters off. Upon waking just moments before, his brain had been flooded with strong signals from pain receptors all throughout his body. He laid still, eyes closed, as his bodies advanced chemistry coped with the initial rush. He felt not the usual instinct to move, just the overwhelming feeling that this probably was not the best place to be. Not only was it quite uncomfortable, but he needed to rejoin the fight.

Sitting up would have to be the first step. Using his arms, he attempted to hoist himself up into a sitting position, but noticed quite frustratingly that he could not gain any purchase. With blurred vision he looked down, noting the stump that used to be his right hand. Even though it had already healed to the point of what looked like an Ork’s anus, he realized that any similar injury could turn this little crater into his final resting place. Wearily he glanced at all his other major limbs and allowed himself a chuckle at the fact that only his right hand, the ‘Right hand of Angarius,’ the most feared hand in all his home world—second only to that of their primarch— ‘the hand that smote one thousand Orks,’ was gone. Gone and never to be seen again. Sure, an augmetic replacement would be fitted the moment he returned, but only to serve as an artificial reminder of its former glory, and the shame he carried with it’s loss. Just considering what his battle brothers would say was enough to start him laughing maniacally. That was if any of them were still alive.

There was no use reminiscing. Right now he needed to get to the surface and reestablish contact with the rest of his unit and if need be, rejoin his battle brothers without his right hand. Or his sidearm for that matter. A quick glance to either side showed that his holy plasma weapon was nowhere to be seen. He took great pride in his weapon, as so many of his brethren did. And to see that it was gone, just as simply as his hand, infuriated him. He would die for the Emperor at the wave of a hand, but without his weapons his life felt meaningless. Brother Vicarus reminded himself that if he was not removed from his tranquil little hole, his now meaningless life would be all that much shorter. That did not sit well at all. He swore that he would see out his remaining days in service to the Emperor.

With his remaining helmet lens, brother Vicarus queued his com-link. The signal strength read zero. He hoped it was due in part to his subterranean nature, that the com-link in his helmet was not receiving a signal from the main vox towers. However, as close to the surface as he was… The growing sense of dread welling inside, told him he knew otherwise. He sat back to catch his breath before continuing and only now smelled the metallic tang of iron wafting from the fluid surrounding his body. He knew right away that the liquid was not just fluid from his powered armor systems but something much more important.

With the threat of an unfulfilling death clear in his mind, he mustered up all the strength in his remaining three limbs and began his climb to the surface. Climbing in the soil, and Emperor knows what else, is difficult with only one arm to steady yourself. And having vital signs flirting on and around the verge of death made it even more difficult. It took all of twelve minutes for him to make it to the rim of his crater. To brother Vicarus it seemed as if hours had passed. He paused before breaking the surface to take a moment and steady himself against the onrush of sensory perception that he would receive upon gazing at the surrounding battlefield. Down in the hole, Emperor be praised, there was nothing more than dirt, green Ork flesh and small metal fragments. But across the vastness of the surface battlefield there were many more things to see. He braced himself for what the silence told him would not be a welcome sight.

With a sigh, brother Vicarus stepped out of his crater – and into hell.

The scene that greeted his already weary eyes destroyed him. He fell to his knees and wept. All around lay the remnants of a world destroyed by war. Mangled corpses, charred metal, and the smoldering wrecks of war machines lay broken forever in all directions. Friend and foe alike lay as if battles were still raging wherever their spirits had ascended. With cracked lips and through streaming tears, brother Vicarus let out a roar so seething with rage and desperation, it would have made Emperor himself cower in fear. Removing his helmet, he stood. As if in defiance to his survival, the wind howled and the rain began to fall as if to wash away the death that consumed its planet. At this he laughed, and then said with a sigh, almost inaudible against the rain and wind, “It seems i have been left behind, and my brothers march without me.” With rain mixing with the tears down his cheeks, brother Vicarus somehow knew he was the last of his chapter. The Iron Diamond Space Marines would be no more. Their name would be forgotten, and their history untold.

Whistling an old Imperial hymn, and accompanied by only the wind and pelting rain, he felt minuscule and insignificant. The work had been done. Lives had been payed in full. Oaths had been fulfilled and creeds had been upheld. But for what? “For the Emperor,” he said to himself, hoping beyond hope that that was justification enough.

Turning around, he spotted his crater. As if in thanks, he bowed to it, and said, “You have saved me. By the Emperor, you have saved me. Please refrain from doing it again.”

And with that, brother Vicarus turned away. And with a deep breath, he began to walk. There at the end of all things. He walked for a lost cause, across a forgotten field, on a nameless world. For none would know, save the Emperor himself, how he longed for peace.


I hope you enjoyed the piece. This story was a bit of Iron Diamond Space Marine short fiction.  Just a little something to introduce an important character in my work with the Iron Diamonds.  Lucian Vicarus features in other works dedicated to the Iron Diamond SM’s. Here’s a link to the original posting of the story at Heresy: http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=9995


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