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Another Great Review!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been following the Drop Site Massacre 40k Review blog even before he joined up with the Heresy Blog Network, and I must say he does some great work with his book reviews.

His latest review is on the BL audio book “The Dark King/The Lightning Tower”, which I must say is also top-notch.

check out the blog here and follow along. It’s some good stuff. :)

Newly revised Contact Me page

Its been privately requested that I set up a Contact Me page so that you blokes can get a hold of me from TFF. So I’ve done so. On the sidebar under “Sectors” you can find the Contact Me page, complete with a text entry field and subject line.

Contact Me

Want to send me a message? just type in your message and it’ll be sent to my email. Got something you think I should post? Have something I should look at for Featured Fiction?  Got a general fiction question? Ask away. I’ll attempt to reply as promptly as possible.



Midnight Angels (poem) – Featured Fiction

For the first Featured Fiction post, I present to you a poem written by Heresy-Online member, Lord of the Night.

Midnight Angels

Tale of fallen angels, cast out by their father
Hunting in the sable night, their deathly playground
Hate not, but pity, these fallen angels and their lost father
Their only crime, both seeking their father’s love

Hate betides revenge, revenge betides misery and death
These fallen angels, trapped in cycles never-ending
Hunting those they swore to protect, in the name of revenge age-old
Oaths sundered in blood and shadow, fear these fallen angels

Lightning flashes, illumination shines, an angel revealed
Atop a steeple, bottomless eyes of hate, hidden by metal
Son of Curze, the Night Haunter’s blood-soaked legacy
The father’s sins, cast down to his sons

Claws extend, sharp and fierce, made to kill
Shadows snap, the skies split, an angel takes flight
In midnight clad, they descend on wings of flame
Hidden in the night, they are coming for you

Pity these Sons of Curze, the Night Lords
Honour lost in twisted lies and broken promises
But fear these dark avengers, and always remember
One day in midnight clad, they will come for you too

-Lord of the Night

For more information about Featured Fiction, and how you can get your work spotlighted on The Founding Fields, check out the link below.

Featured Fiction info

Heresy Blog Network

Hey all,

Just a quick post.  I wanted to mention that I’ve just joined the newest coalition of bloggers to be established on the interwebs.  The Heresy Blog Network is a group of bloggers from far and wide, who have dedicated themselves to their wargaming hobbies, and the betterment of the wargaming community.

If you have a blog, and would like to be a part of this new, and growing, collective of wargaming knowledge, just follow this link to see what’s in it for you:

As the network grows, I’ll continue to add a feed for each blog currently with the HBN to my sidebar.  So that you can access them from my site.

Commissar Ploss

Audio Drama Excerpts

For those of you who haven’t signed up for the Black Library newsletter yet, you should do so! This latest newsletter talks about how you can hear excerpts from all of their existing Audio Drama’s.

Fair play to tu_shan82 of Heresy-Online for beating me to the punch, i was having a power nap. 😉 Looks like i’ll be linking out to Heresy for this one.

Featured Fiction

I was thinking of things that I could add to The Founding Fields. Some things that would help draw a crowd and promote a community atmosphere. I decided on something I’ll be calling “Featured Fiction”.

Featured Fiction will be a segment that I do bi-weekly or so. I’ll be looking for quality Warhammer 40k and WFB fan-fiction to headline here on The Founding Fields. For the most part this will encompass short stories.

So i ask you all, send me something you’ve been working on.  I want to read it.  If its good enough, I’ll post it here for Featured Fiction!  Warhammer 40k, WFB, Sci-fi, Fantasy, I ‘m ready for it.  the world is ready for it!  The question is, are you ready to be seen!

Rest assured, I won’t take credit for any of the fiction posted, unless of course it’s my own.  And if you’ve got a blog, I’ll add a link to it.  Stick me in your blogroll, and I’ll do the same!  A little networking never hurts.  :)

I will also be combing the Original Works section at Heresy-Online.  Its been my domain/brainchild since October of 2009 when i took up the Moderator position that Jezlad offered me.  We’ve got some great writers over there and lots of really great stories.

My suggestion to all of you would be to sign up at Heresy, and if you are a writer, post something of yours up on the boards.  There are people over there who would be really glad to read it.  And who knows, it could show up here in Featured Fiction!

Like i said before, send me some short stuff, I want to read it.  If its good, I’ll post it.  And if you’ve got a blog, I’ll link to it.  You’ve got nothing to lose.

Commissar Ploss

Black Library News – May

Howdy everyone! I do my best to bring you the newest “news” from the Black Library and other such things that are happening in regards to BL Publishing.  So to follow that tradition, I give you the “in-house” BL newsletter for May.  Something not many people get to see!  Full up with news, tidbits and more news, its a well rounded notation of what is going on at BL at the moment.  How did I get this? well, i am the Fiction King after all. 😉  Enjoy.


Black Library News

A Universe of Adventure

Issue 3 Volume 1

Compiled by your humble servant Brother Czarny

New and Noteworthy

Bloodborn ($8.99) by Nathan Long launches a new line of vampire novels featuring Ulrika Magdova – newly formed Lahmian vampire, now residing in the Imperial city of Nuln. The former lover of Felix Jaeger must now help her mentor in discovering who is killing of the sisters of their order and how. Nathan promises that the combination of Ulrika, vampires and mystery will keep you under its spell.

Graham McNeill has a double header this month with the arrival of a new Ultramarines novel – The Chapter’s Due ($24.99) and the mass market edition of Courage and Honour ($8.99). Hot on his success from the novel A Thousand Sons, Graham turns up the Space Marine action as the Ultramarines and Uriel Ventris face off against his nemesis in Warsmith Honsou and the Iron Warriors.

In addition to the above books available to the book trade, The Black Library has a couple of new items available on the web. First up is the original audio drama Fireborn ($17.00), a Salamander Space Marine story penned by our own Mr Nick Kyme. It is 87 minutes of 40k audio action. As an added bonus the print-on-demand folks are making Dan Abnett’s tale of pirates and vampires in the Warhammer world – Fell Cargo (£13) – available to all ye maties.

Whispers from the Warp

A Thousand Sons continues on the SF charts – number 12 on the overall charts for ten weeks now for Mr. McNeill. Additionally, Aaron Dembski-Bowden has two books on the SF charts – Helsreach at number 26 and Soul Hunter and number 50.

On the D6Generation podcast, Total Fan Girl interviewed Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult, who evidently is a gamer geek as well as musician and very fond of Warhammer Online. So much so that he wrote a theme song for his slayer character entitled “Kiss my Axe”, now available as a free download from the website.

Nathan Long will be doing book signings for the release of Bloodborn at several area bookstores. On May 22nd he will be at Emerald Knights Comics in Burbank, CA and on May 23rd Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, CA.

BL TV has a report from our convention BL Live featuring James Swallow and Sandy Mitchell – interspersed with clips of the event and authors.


Looking Forward

All sorts of fun stuff are coming in next month including some great new cover treatments and great stories. To start off, Enforcer ($15) by Matt Farrer is an omnibus of three Shira Calpurnia books, plus a short story. Shira Calpurnia’s numerous investigations lead her along the trails of corruption behind assassination attempts, vicious greed over an ancient charter, as well as the usual assortment of psykers and murders you would expect to find in an imperial fortress system.

Path of the Warrior ($8.99) by Gav Thorpe is the first book in a series to follow an Eldar from the path of peace to that of a warrior. Becoming a Striking Scorpion, a deadly fighter skilled in close combat, he slowly moves down the path that may cause him to lose his identity and become an avatar of war.

Most importantly, there is the launch of a new range – Warhammer Heroes. Sword of Justice ($8.99) by Chris Wraight focuses on Ludwig Schwarzhelm, the Emperor’s Champion. Sent to Averland to oversee the inauguration of a new elector count he finds himself fighting orcs, chaos and rival magnates. In the end he must make choices that may influence the destiny of the Empire. This is also helped by the fact that the new Warhammer Fantasy rulebook is being released this month

We were a little early on this, but your old Uncle Ragnar is offering another POD golden oldies from yesteryear (really, we mean it this time) – Kill Squad: A Deathwatch Omnibus. This 576 page title is full of all great “stuff” about the Death Watch Space Marines that we’ve put out over the years. This includes novels by CS Goto, comics by Jim Alexander and a bunch of short stories.

Last Bits

Yes, the info from last month regarding Book Expo is still here, and we will keep reminding you until you all show up! So make sure you stop at the new pimped out Black Library booth #4046. In addition to the usual suspects from the Black Library, editor and author Nick Kyme will be released to the public. As usual come say hello – but don’t feed him after midnight!

BL Towers is giving us more information about our participation at US Games Day in Baltimore. So far, we can confirm – Mike Lee, Nathan Long, Clint Werner and two secret guests forthcoming. For those of you who are planning to stop by or would like to come circle the date – 21 August – on your calendar. We can promise two BIG UK authors and a slew of US authors making an appearance.

Heresy News Network

Black Library Live 2010

Black Library TV #12 brings you a report from February’s Black Library Live thrown at Warhammer World in Nottingham.