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Riryia Revelations: Heir of Novron by Michael J. Sullivan


Bane of Kings reviews the breathtaking final installment in the  Riryia Revelations series by Michael J. Sullivan, which collects the novels Wintertide and Percepliquis, and is titled Heir of Novron. This omnibus is published by Orbit Books, but all of the Riryia novels were self published individually first. This Omnibus was released in January 2012.

“A wonderful, spectacular conclusion to a series which has seen Sullivan launch into competition with the likes of Brandon Sanderson and Joe Abercrombie. Strong characters, strong plot, strong pretty much everything - Heir of Novron and the  Riryia series are novels that any true fantasy fan should read.” ~The Founding Fields

The Wall of Night: The Heir of Night by Helen Lowe – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings writes a review of the 2012 David Gemmell Morningstar award winning novel, The Heir of Night, by Helen Lowe, published by Orbit Books. 

“A strong opener to a series that I will certainly be reading more of despite its flaws.”  ~The Founding Fields

The Subterrene War: Exogene by Tc McCarthy – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings reviews the second novel in The Subterrene War Trilogy, entitled Exogene, written by Tc McCarthy and published by Orbit. Although this is the second novel in a trilogy, it can effectively be read as a standalone, although the first novel is awesome and should be brought anyway. This novel was released in March.

“Excellent military sci-fi. Dark, page-turning, this is one of the best science fiction novels that you’ll see in 2012. Enjoyable, and not to be missed.” ~The Founding Fields

The Dresden Files: Dead Beat by Jim Butcher – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings Reviews the Dresden Files novel Dead Beat, Book Seven in the series, published by Orbit in the UK.

“Dresden is back, and better than ever. Dead Beat is one of my favourite Dresden Files novels yet, and is one not to be missed for any fan of Butcher or his work.” ~The Founding Fields

Warning! Only read the below review if you have read the previous novels in the series. Also, there are minor spoilers for this novel in the review as well.

Seven Princes by John R. Fultz – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings reviews the début novel by John R. Fultz, Seven Princes, the first novel in the Books of the Shaper series and published by Orbit Books worldwide.

“A fantasy epic that will, despite its flaws, prove to be an enjoyable read.” ~The Founding Fields

Blood Rites by Jim Butcher – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings reviews the sixth Dresden Files novel, Blood Rites, by Jim Butcher, published by Orbit Books in the UK, an imprint of Little Brown Publishers.

“Typical Dresden, Butcher does it again with style. Action packed, fast paced, as well as expanding on the background of the Dresden Files series.” ~The Founding Fields

Warning! Because we are this far into the series, I strongly recommend that you read all of the previous Dresden Files novels before reading Blood Rites. It makes sense really, as this is one of those series where you won’t understand what’s going on unless you read the previous books.  

Seeds of Earth by Michael Cobley – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings reviews the first novel in the Humanity’s Fire series,  a collection of Space Opera novels written by Michael Cobley and published in the United Kingdom by Orbit Books.

“Fantastic Imagination. Cobley’s series opener is certainly ambitious.” ~The Founding Fields

Death Masks by Jim Butcher – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings Reviews the fifth novel of the popular Urban Fantasy Dresden Files series published in the UK by Orbit and with the title Death Masks. For those who haven’t read the previous novels in the Dresden Files series, there will be spoilers involved for anybody who hasn’t read the previous books in the series.

“I thought Butcher couldn’t raise the game after the fantastic Summer Knight. I thought wrong. A page-turning novel that will have you hooked right from Page One. If you haven’t read the Dresden Files yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.” ~The Founding Fields

Note: As this review is posted on Christmas Day, I might as well wish a Happy Christmas to everybody on TFF. Hope you got what you wanted :).

Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings reviews the first Omnibus in the Riyria Revelations Series, Theft of Swords, containing The Crown Conspiracy and Avempartha, written by Michael J. Sullivan, and published by Orbit. The cover on the left is the UK Cover, and the one on the right is the US one.

“The Best fantasy series that I’ve read since The Night Angel Trilogy, and just as good. If you only start one fantasy series this year, make it this one. You’ll be engrossed right from page one. Sullivan is an author at the top of his game. ” ~The Founding Fields

The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller – Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings Reviews The Innocent Mage, the first in the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology, written by Karen Miller, and published by Orbit Books.

 “The Innocent Mage is an awesome debut, one that you will find enjoyable despite the clichés that it contains.” ~The Founding Fields

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