TFFGivesBooks 2012

Hello everyone, David Ploss here, owner/founder of the book review and fiction news website “The Founding Fields”

It’s year 2 of TFFGivesBooks! We had such an astounding year last year, exceeding our goal of $1500 by 50 dollars, giving a grand total of 1550 USD in donations, not to mention the boxes of books that we received from donors. :)

I’m looking to expand that total for this year. Starting earlier, as we’re starting now here in January, i think that’s possible. :) I’m shooting for a total donation of 2000 USD this year! It will greatly help out those children who don’t have books. I’m looking to provide them to them.

With your help again this year, we will surely pull off this great benefit! I know it!
thanks again,

David Ploss

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