The Heretic Ezine – Issue 2

Well folks! After much waiting and patience on your part, The Heretic issue 2 has finally arrived. The Heretic is Heresy-Online’s own, professionally edited Fanfiction and Art e-magazine.  Edited by me, Commissar Ploss, and filled to the brim with stories from you, the members! Heresy-Online and have teamed up to give you another rousing installment of the magazine that will last for ages. lol

You can view and/or download the new issue

I would suggest you download a copy for yourself, that way you can put it on your various eReader devices and take it on the go with you. Or you can simply view it at that link. Also, downloading it makes the art look sooooo much better.

Please take the time to visit the Heretic Ezine section of the forum here at Heresy and comment on all the wonderful stories you’ve read and beautiful artwork you’ve seen.


Commissar Ploss

David Ploss

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