Heresy News Network returns with new blog editor and new lineup

Heresy-Online returns to the wargaming news scene with a new editor and new outlook.  Long time Heresy-Online member Bubblematrix has stepped up to the plate and been raised to the level of blog editor! 
Since site owner/administrator and former blog editor/creator Jezlad began his acting career, there has been a lack of content from the HNN scene, and the Blog Network, of which TFF was one of the first sites to join.  However, this doesn’t mean that the HNN was to be counted out. A search was ongoing from those early days to land another editor for the blog, one who would have more time to spend and be able to draw more content for posting.  As stated above, Bubblematrix stepped up and has taken over the reigns.  He’s provided us on staff with a great itinerary as to the content that will be provided on a weekly basis.  Here is a copy, courtesy of the HNN blog:

Weekly events, if there is a weekly theme or we are covering event Monday will be the day to read about it, it will also include any weekly challenges or details of upcoming articles which you wouldn’t want to miss.
Tuesday is modelling day, expect to see peoples best modelling projects showcased for all to see, enter your own works for a chance to have your model on the front page of Heresy.
For those wanting the latest on modelling techniques, equipment and kits. Tuesday will include tutorials from beginner to expert level and reviews of new releases.
Flufftastic Thursday – expect all your story, fluff and background needs to be met by the army of Heresy original writers and those with encyclopedic knowledge of the 40k universe
Friday night is games night, taking the hobby in a broader sense, so expect some non-table top wargames, standalone and classics mixed in with a healthy dose of off topic
For those wanting tactical aids either to beat their oldest enemies or take on new foes Saturday will include articles based around the tactics of GW games
Like all good Sundays HNN’s will be a day of reflection, the week past and bringing to a close any weekly events and just to keep you all reading (or help with sleep) the HNN editorial will bring you the best (or worst) of the weeks events at Heresy.

 Look forward to the Flufftastic Thursday posts, as you will see periodic posts by yours truly, and from other wonderful fluffmeisters/writers from Heresy-Online. You’ll be hardpressed to find a more dedicated crowd than the Heretics at Heresy-Online, save perhaps BL itself. haha.  Why don’t you head on over to HNN and have a look around.


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