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Necropolis by Dan Abnett – Review [EJ Davies]


EJ Davies, in his quest to cover the wealth of Black Library releases prior to Horus Rising, takes on the might of Ibram Guant and his Ghosts in the third, and final, of The Founding Cycle.

“A fabulous entry into the Black Library canon, and evidence of why legions of fans have taken the Ghosts to their hearts. Truly great stuff.” ~ The Founding Fields.

Space Marine Battles: Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders – Advanced Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings reviews the latest Space Marine Battles novel, Legion of the Damned, the first addition to the multi-author series by Rob Sanders, author of Redemption Corps and Atlas Infernal. The novel itself is published by Black Library, out in April worldwide, and is the ninth book in the series.

“An action-packed novel with gripping characters and several bloodthirsty battles. Rob Sanders at his best.” ~The Founding Fields

Warning! There are minor spoilers in this review, but nothing that completely spoils the plot for you.

Dead Harvest by Chris Holms-Advance Review [djinn24]


Larry ‘djinn24’ Killian returns to do an advance review on the debut book from Chris Holm, Dead Harvest (The Collector) published by Angry Robot.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  Sam tries to stop a war, and everyone from both sides try to kill him ~ The Founding Fields

Author Interview – Anne Lyle


Full-time web developer and passionate writer of “dashing swordsmen and scheming spies”, to use her own words, Anne Lyle is the latest addition to the Angry Robot Books crew.

Her debut novel The Alchemist of Souls, part of the Night’s Masque trilogy, is coming out later this year in March and promises to be a downright cracker. The sequel, The Merchant of Dreams, will be coming out next year.

Anne was kind enough to do an interview with us for the site, so let’s see how it all went down!

Knight of the Blazing Sun by Josh Reynolds – Advance Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews Josh Reynolds’s debut novel for Black Library, Knight of the Blazing Sun, set in the Old World of the Warhammer Fantasy universe.

“A tale of betrayal, honour and strained loyalties, Knight of the Blazing Sun has something to offer for everyone.” ~The Founding Fields

The Dresden Files: Dead Beat by Jim Butcher – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings Reviews the Dresden Files novel Dead Beat, Book Seven in the series, published by Orbit in the UK.

“Dresden is back, and better than ever. Dead Beat is one of my favourite Dresden Files novels yet, and is one not to be missed for any fan of Butcher or his work.” ~The Founding Fields

Warning! Only read the below review if you have read the previous novels in the series. Also, there are minor spoilers for this novel in the review as well.

Audio Drama Review – Labyrinth of Sorrows by George Mann [EJ Davies]


EJ Davies takes on George Mann’s latest entry into the Warhammer 40K canon, and revisits the Raven Guard we first met in Helion Rain.

“A different take on the audio drama format, with a reappearance of some old favourite characters, and some new ones in the making; this is a solid audio drama – the kind of thing we trust Black Library for.”

Heir of Novron by Michael J. Sullivan – Book Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews the third and final volume in the Riyria Revelations series by Michael J. Sullivan, collecting together the novels Wintertide and Percepliquis.

“An explosive finale to the saga of Royce, Hadrian and Arista, Heir of Novron is simply fantastic in scope and execution. A must read of the year.” ~The Founding Fields

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings reviews the first novel in the Peter Grant series, written by Ben Aaronovitch and published by Gollancz in the UK. It’s called Rivers of London in the UK, but goes by the name of Midnight Riot in the US. As I am UK based, I will be referring it as Rivers of London.

“Not often do you get a book that is amusing and original as this. Not to be missed.” ~The Founding Fields

Kultus by Richard Ford – Video Book Review [Commissar Ploss/djinn24]


Commissar Ploss and djinn24 sit down to discuss Kultus by Richard Ford. Published by Solaris Books. This review marks the first in a hopefully long line of Video Book Reviews.