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Vote for TFF in the Independent Book Blogger Awards!!! (I humbly request your help…)

Please vote for The Founding Fields in the Independent Book Blogger Awards (IBBA) on Goodreads! Click on this post to read a letter from David Ploss, TFF’s founder. Links (and buttons) to help you vote are located to the right, in the black bar on top of the webpage, as well as at the bottom of this post!

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SOPA: The Death of the Internet – How the US will single-handedly destroy Freedom of Speech.

Facebook “Recommend” button now added!


Howdy everyone. If you take a look at the main page, you’ll see a new button added to each post. :) It’s the Facebook “Recommend” button! If you enjoyed reading one of our reviews, feel free to click it to share it on Facebook! It helps us gain exposure, and you’ll get to share your favorite reviews with your friends! sweet huh! 

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TFF’s Top 10 reviews of 2011

Hello Everyone, CP here once again to bring you something related to us for a change. :)   I wanted to give you a brief link summary of our top 10 reviews for 2011. There’s some good-un’s in here!  check it out!

What I Probably Should Have Read in 2011 But Never Did [Bane of Kings]

Happy New Year everybody! As promised on Twitter, today I’m going to be looking at What I probably should have read in 2011 but never did. You’ll find the following novels below: Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence, Songs of the Earth by Elspeth Cooper, The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi, The Departure by Neal Asher, Manhattan In Reverse by Peter F. Hamilton, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, The End Specialist by Drew Magary and Rivers of London by Ben Aaaronovitch, as well as several others. Enjoy!

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