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djinn24 reviews the New York Times Best Selling husband and wife duo, Tracy and Laura Hickman who come at us again with Eventide, an awesome fantasy novel about a bard who gets himself into a sticky situation and has to talk himself out of it.

You have yourself a winner here, one book that at times reads like a set of short stories that tie together nicely – The Founding Fields

You think you have an odd job? Edvard the Just is just a bard, that is until you has a run in with the King of Dragons, Khrag.  After saving his hide by telling the Dragon King all the tales that he knows.  Now instead of being a snack for Khrag and to keep him from rampaging the local population, the bard Edvard, now known as the Dragon’s Bard is tasked to go out and find new tales to tell the dragon and his travels take him to the town of Eventide.

I know when I think of the name Tracy Hickman, memories of the epic adventures that he wrote with Margret Weis pop into my head, as those are the books that I grew up and and still reread every year.  But this novel is not an epic adventure, it is tales from the normal people of a somewhat abnormal town.  Now do not get me wrong, just because this does not follow the epic adventure guidelines does not mean it is a bad book, the opposite really. This book is absolutly well done, a nice light read of some really well done story telling.  In the first chapters Laura and Tracy capture you with their tales of the Dragon Bard as he enters towns and then you get to meet the people of the town who capture you imagination and in some cases your heart.

Now you might think me a bit biased in my review but keep in mind, this is NOT what I was expecting when I got this book.  I was picturing dragons, maidens, knights and what I got was a bard, a cast of characters including a centaur, a dwarf, with a couple love triangles thrown in for good measure.  Overall I loved this book and am glad to see that this is book one in what appears to be a series.  Overall I give this book an 8/10 with high anticipation to see what is to come from this series.  You van hit up the website for this book as well at The Dragon’s Bard

Print Editions:

Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: June 05, 2012
Pages: 336
Trim Size: 6×9
ISBN: 9781609088972
List Price: $23.99 USD

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