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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret History of the Foot Clan by Mateus Santolouco [djinn24]


djinn24 reviews the upcoming graphic novel by IDW Publishing, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret History of the Foot Clan, publishing on June 25th, 2013.

As a turtle fan from way back I loved this book, we need more! ~ The Founding Fields

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Under the Dome by Stephen King – Book Review

djinn24 reviews Stephen King’s Sci-Fi/Thriller book, Under the Dome, the basis for the upcoming CBS television miniseries by Stephen Spielberg’s DreamWorks Television premiering June 24th, 2013.

The master of character development comes at you again, bringing with him a cast of characters you will love, hate, and despise. ~ The Founding Fields

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Harry Potter and the Philosophers/Sorcerers Stone by JK Rowling- Review [djinn24]

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Larry reviews what is already a literary classic, the first of the Harry Potter series, The Philosophers/Sorcerers Stone was published on 26 June 1997 by Bloomsbury in London. In 1998 Scholastic Corporation published an edition for the United States market under the title Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Harry Potter, a series not even old enough to drink is a classic to be loved for many generations. ~TheFoundingFields.com

Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier by Myke Cole – Double Review [Djinn24/Shadowhawk]


Djinn24 and Shadowhawk both review the second Shadow Ops novel, Fortress Frontier, as Myke Cole jumps right into the action where the original book left off.

“Myke takes his overseas experience playing in the sandbox combines it with his love of all things nerdy to churn out one fast-pace killer story.” ~Djinn24

“A stronger protagonist, and an interesting spin on a culture rarely seen in military fantasy, Fortress Frontier definitely trumps Control Point in a lot of ways.” ~Shadowhawk

Exclusive Cover Reveal and Q&A: The Big Reap by Chris F. Holm


Thanks to the kind folks at Angry Robot Books, Shadowhawk and The Founding Fields presents to you an exclusive cover reveal.

“The folks at Amazing15 Design have definitely lived up to their name with this mind-blowing cover!” ~The Founding Fields

Garro: Sword of Truth by James Swallow – Advance Triple Review [Djinn24/Commissar Ploss/Bane of Kings]

The fact that he looks like Gerard Butler only makes him 10x more badass!

Black Library serves up another winner with Garro: Swords of Truth by James Swallow with an exciting story written in a spectacular fashion, reviewed by Djinn24, Commissar Ploss and Bane of Kings. 

“My favorite audio drama from Black Library yet, James Swallow at his best with Garro: Sword of Truth ~Djinn24, The Founding Fields

“A fascinating post-Istvaan interlude of Terran-based awesomeness. James Swallow delivers an action-packed story!” ~ Commissar Ploss, The Founding Fields

 “Black Library’s best Audio Drama yet, aided by its length. This is a treat for Horus Heresy fans, for Garro is back – and better than ever!” ~Bane of Kings, The Founding Fields

The Future we Left Behind by Mike A. Lancaster Advance Review [djinn24]


A future we Left Behind by Mike A Lancaster is finally being released in the United States and djinn24 does an advance review on the US edition coming out November 13th.

Has the human race been upgraded, where the Straker tapes real, has all he has known been fake? -The Founding Fields

Red Rain by RL Stine – Advanced Review [djinn24]

Red Rain cover20172-medium

Larry reviews New York Times bestselling author RL Stine’s first adult fiction novel “Red Rain” coming out October 9th, 2012.

RL Stine, master of children’s nightmares delves into scaring his old fans once again as he dives headfirst into adult horror fiction. ~Larry, The Founding Fields

Eventide by Tracy and Laura Hickman Review (djinn24)



djinn24 reviews the New York Times Best Selling husband and wife duo, Tracy and Laura Hickman who come at us again with Eventide, an awesome fantasy novel about a bard who gets himself into a sticky situation and has to talk himself out of it.

You have yourself a winner here, one book that at times reads like a set of short stories that tie together nicely – The Founding Fields

Kevin Smith’s the Bionic Man Volume 1: Some Assembly Required [djinn24]

When fighter ace, astronaut, and fabled test pilot Steve Austin is horridly injured, he just simply wants to die, that is until he is told They can Rebuild Him. Better. Faster. Stronger.
Kevin Smith hits a home run with his comic reboot of the 1970s series. ~The Founding Fields
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