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Comics Round-up 01.02.2013


Shadowhawk and Bane of Kings bring to you the first comics round-up for February.

“A rather lukewarm experience this time.” ~Shadowhawk

Talon continues to impress with two strong issues whilst Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers kicks off to a flawed but interesting start.” ~Bane of Kings

Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders – Book Review [Bellarius]



Bellarius reviews the Space Marine Battles novel Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders.

“A grim tale of survival and war which exemplifies how to truly write about a space marine chapter.” – The Founding Fields

Abrasion by Andrew Gilmore – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings writes a short review of the self-published, mini-horror anthology Abrasion, written by Andrew Gilmore and available through

“A collection of two, mini stories that will keep you entertained from an author with strong promise.” ~The Founding Fields

Swords of the Empire by Various Authors – Book Review [Eroldren]

Swords of the Empire

Eroldren reviews the Warhammer fantasy anthology, Swords of the Empire, edited by Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn, a with short stories from Robert Earl, C.L. Werner, Gordon Rennie, James Wallis, Jonathan Green and Dan Abnett.

“Straightaway, there are six stories that all deserve recommendations. Together, it’s a brilliant compilation of grim page-turners.” – The Founding Fields

Random House Double – A Conspiracy of Alchemists and The Hammer of Angels [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews two more upcoming novels by Del Rey/Random House, the steampunk adventure A Conspiracy of Alchemists by Liesel Schwarz and the spy thriller The Hammer of Angels by G.T. Almasi, the second of his Shadowstorm series.

On A Conspiracy of Alchemists:A truly fantastic steampunk debut, A Conspiracy of Alchemists is one of the most engaging novels I’ve read in recent weeks.” ~The Founding Fields

On The Hammer of Angels: “Not exactly as good as his debut, Almasi still tells a masterful story about identity, revenge and family against the backdrop of a Cold War-era styled world.” ~The Founding Fields

The Right Hand by Derek Haas – Book Review [Shadowhawk]

The Right Hand

Shadowhawk reviews the latest spy thriller from acclaimed author Derek Haas.

“Quite often brilliant, The Right Hand is one of my favourite reads of recent months. I’d love a sequel to this! ~The Founding Fields

Star Wars: Darth Plagueis by James Luceno – Book Review [Bane of Kings]

darth plagueis

Bane of Kings shares his thoughts on one of the most revealing Star Wars novels to date, the standalone Darth Plagueis book written by Star Wars veteran James Luceneo. Published in the US by Del Ray. 

“A good novel – Luceneo has managed to create a great and enthralling read that gives us not only an insight into Darth Plagueis and the origin of Darth Sidious, but also sets the stage for the Star Wars prequels.” ~The Founding Fields

Demon Knights Vol. 1: Seven Against the Dark by Paul Cornell – Graphic Novel Review [Bane of Kings]

Demon Knights

Bane of Kings reviews the epic fantasy style graphic novel Seven Against the Dark, written by Paul Cornell, and is the first volume of Demon Knights stories in DC’s New 52. 

“A fun, weird graphic novel that will leave you wanting more. Great artwork and a great work of fiction by Cornell, Demon Knights is another strong offering in the New 52.” ~The Founding Fields

Star Wars: Hard Merchandise by K.W. Jeter – Review [Lord of the Night]

A nicely done if not innovative or partcularly memorable cover.

Lord of the Night reviews the epic conclusion to the Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy, Hard Merchandise by K.W. Jeter.

“A thrilling conclusion that ties together both trilogy-running stories together in ways that will shock you, and give you a whole new appreciation of the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett.” – The Founding Fields

Batwing Vol. 1: The Lost Kingdom by Judd Winick – Graphic Novel Review [Bane of Kings]

Batwing Vol. 1

Bane of Kings reviews the first graphic novel outing for Batwing, which sees Judd Winick handle an African member of the Bat-Family financed by Wayne Enterprises, published of course by DC Comics.

“A great and entertaining graphic novel that took me completley by surprise. I was not expecting Winick’s work to be this good.” ~The Founding Fields