HOFC 2010 – Submission Window Closed

Hello everyone. Just a short update, but i wanted to inform you all that the Submission Window for the “Heresy-Online Fiction Competition 2010″ is now closed. We’ve rounded off this years comp with 25 entries! It’s a wonderful turnout.  I’d like to say it’s just because Heresy-Online is such an awesome forum and that i’m the coolest moderator in history! But i’d imagine the prizes had something to do with it. lol  If you want to have a read of the stories that were submitted for the competition, just follow this link to the Submission Thread, scroll down a little bit into the first post, and you will see a list of Official Contest Entries.  They are all linked, so have a read and leave your comments.  If you haven’t signed up for the Heresy-Online forums, do so through this link: Join Heresy-Online here!

To see the submission thread, just click HERE.



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