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Hey all,

Just a quick post.  I wanted to mention that I’ve just joined the newest coalition of bloggers to be established on the interwebs.  The Heresy Blog Network is a group of bloggers from far and wide, who have dedicated themselves to their wargaming hobbies, and the betterment of the wargaming community.

If you have a blog, and would like to be a part of this new, and growing, collective of wargaming knowledge, just follow this link to see what’s in it for you:

As the network grows, I’ll continue to add a feed for each blog currently with the HBN to my sidebar.  So that you can access them from my site.

Commissar Ploss

David Ploss

I’m a bit of an awesome person. :) I’m a semi-famous 40k Intellect and the Business Manager of Chique Geek Entertainment, LLC. I’m a book reviewer and the owner of Beware my wonky-ness…


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