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I was thinking of things that I could add to The Founding Fields. Some things that would help draw a crowd and promote a community atmosphere. I decided on something I’ll be calling “Featured Fiction”.

Featured Fiction will be a segment that I do bi-weekly or so. I’ll be looking for quality Warhammer 40k and WFB fan-fiction to headline here on The Founding Fields. For the most part this will encompass short stories.

So i ask you all, send me something you’ve been working on.  I want to read it.  If its good enough, I’ll post it here for Featured Fiction!  Warhammer 40k, WFB, Sci-fi, Fantasy, I ‘m ready for it.  the world is ready for it!  The question is, are you ready to be seen!

Rest assured, I won’t take credit for any of the fiction posted, unless of course it’s my own.  And if you’ve got a blog, I’ll add a link to it.  Stick me in your blogroll, and I’ll do the same!  A little networking never hurts.  :)

I will also be combing the Original Works section at Heresy-Online.  Its been my domain/brainchild since October of 2009 when i took up the Moderator position that Jezlad offered me.  We’ve got some great writers over there and lots of really great stories.

My suggestion to all of you would be to sign up at Heresy, and if you are a writer, post something of yours up on the boards.  There are people over there who would be really glad to read it.  And who knows, it could show up here in Featured Fiction!

Like i said before, send me some short stuff, I want to read it.  If its good, I’ll post it.  And if you’ve got a blog, I’ll link to it.  You’ve got nothing to lose.

Commissar Ploss

David Ploss

I’m a bit of an awesome person. :) I’m a semi-famous 40k Intellect and the Business Manager of Chique Geek Entertainment, LLC. www.chiquegeek.com. I’m a book reviewer and the owner of TheFoundingFields.com. Beware my wonky-ness…


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