TFFGivesBooks 2011

Hello everyone, David Ploss here, owner/founder of the book review and fiction news website “The Founding Fields”

I’m here again to let you know about a special project that I have undertaken at the request of others that I work with and members amongst my readership at TFF.

I bring you: TFFGivesBooks! TFFGivesBooks is a new project that aims to give books to those who can’t afford them. What i want to do is provide books on a regular basis to shelters around the area that I call home, Chicago. I’ve done research and asked many people associated with shelters and programs that help those citizens in need, and the thing that comes up the most in all of the conversations I’ve had is the overwhelming need for reading material.

Then it dawned on me, what better way to bring about fulfilling this need and contribute to my fellow man than utilize the exposure of my website to help fund the contribution of books.

here’s what’s involved:

The goal is to raise $1,500 dollars to help fund a large new and used books purchase that will be made before December 22 of this year.

The Purchase will be made on the 22nd of December at the latest. It all depends when/if we are able to raise the money.

Then on Christmas Eve, I will be playing “Big Santa C.” and delivering the books to various shelters and community wellness groups for distribution to their patrons.

It’s a way for all of us to give back to the community and those people who need some nice entertainment from books!


How can you get involved?

I urge all of my readers and anyone that happens upon The Founding Fields to chip in, and donate a bit of cash to the cause. There will be a widget on the right sidebar of (as well as a button the the right of this entry!) All you have to do to contribute is click the “ChipIn!” button and get things going.

All the money and transfers are handled securely through Paypal.


How else can you help?

I ask that anyone who runs a website relating to books and the like contact me so that they can get a copy of the widget to put on their website. This will help spread the word and get the project known to a larger audience.

The sooner we raise the 1500 (or close to it) the more we’ll be able to do for our fellow man.

It’s a worthy cause, one i hope you’ll contribute towards!


Check back periodically to see how the project is going!

thanks again,

David Ploss

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