Anarchy Books – Free eBook(s) Promotion! [Press Release]


***** PRESS RELEASE *****

 Anarchy Books – FREE BOOK PROMOTION – 29.12.11

 That’s right, Anarchy Books have a very special New Year gift for all you lucky shiny new Kindle owners.

 During the next 4/5 days over the New Year period, a selection of Anarchy Books titles will be offered completely FREE! So if you fancy any of the following novels, get yo ass over to Amazon and stock up your Kindle with Anarchy for the New Year….

 Participating titles:

 GIG (Mik and Kim) by James Lovegrove

Monstrocity by Jeffrey Thomas

New York Nights by Eric Brown

Rain Dogs by Gary McMahon

SIM by Andy Remic

Serial Killers Incorporated by Andy Remic

The Black Seas of Infinity by Dan Henk

The Office of Lost and Found by Vincent Holland-Keen

 All free!


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  • Larry Killian

    This promotion starts December 29th 2011.

    • abhinavjain87 Abhinav Jain

      Got all the books by the way, just saying :) I never turn down free stuff!!

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