First Looks with Commissar Ploss Ep. 3 – Giant Thief by David Tallerman

Commissar Ploss brings you Episode 3 of First Looks with Commissar Ploss. You can easily view the video at the top of the Right-hand sidebar!  Please subscribe, view and enjoy!! ———————–>

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The Iron Warriors Omnibus – Advanced Review [Bane of Kings]

Bane of Kings reviews Graham McNeill’s The Iron Warriors Omnibus, published by Black Library, drawing from the characters and events that took place in the Ultramarines series by the same author, who is a New York Times Bestseller. The Omnibus contains the stories Storm of Iron (novel), The Enemy of My Enemy, The Heraclitus Effect, The Skull Harvest, Iron Warrior (novella), The Iron Without, and The Beast of Calth. This is published by Black Library.

“Ruthless, fast-paced, action packed, this epic collection of short stories, novels and a novella, is one that you won’t want to miss. ~The Founding Fields

(First Looks with Commissar Ploss)

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Seven Princes by John R. Fultz – Book Review [Bane of Kings]

Bane of Kings reviews the début novel by John R. Fultz, Seven Princes, the first novel in the Books of the Shaper series and published by Orbit Books worldwide.

“A fantasy epic that will, despite its flaws, prove to be an enjoyable read.” ~The Founding Fields

First Looks with Commissar Ploss Ep.2 – Iron Warriors: The Omnibus by Graham McNeill

Commissar Ploss takes his first looks at Graham McNeill’s newly published tome, Iron Warriors: The Omnibus. It’s Episode 2 of “First Looks with Commissar Ploss” Enjoy!

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Horus Heresy: Know No Fear by Dan Abnett – Advanced Review [Lord of the Night]

Lord of the Night reviews the latest in the acclaimed Horus Heresy series, the novelization of the Battle of Calth titled Know No Fear, by New York Times Best-Selling author Dan Abnett.

“Theoretical: A novel that was expected and hoped to be one of the crowning moments of the Heresy series. Practical: A novel that exceeds all expectations and takes its place as one of the crowning novels of Black Library.”The Founding Fields

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