Top 20 Comics That You Should Be Looking Out For On Wednesday 8 May 2013

Batman #20

Bane of Kings delivers another The Top 20 Comics That You Should Be Looking Out For this week feature, with another impressive week, featuring the latest Batman and Avengers comics from Marvel and DC, as well as The Walking Dead’s latest issue from Image, with many others on board as well.

It’s Wednesday, and for comic book fans, it’s the best day of the week (or for me, it’s Friday, as I get mine on Friday), and here on The Founding Fields, I have a run down of the Top 20 issues that you should be checking out. If you’re interested in seeing the Top 20 comics from last week, go here. If you want to look at the comics that haven’t made this list, you can check out this link, and if you want to make your own printable pull list, then you should head over to iFanboy. However, if you just want to look at the Top 20 Comics That You Should Be Looking Out For this week, then look no further.


Star Wars #5

Star Wars #5

Writer: Brian Wood | Art: Carlos D’Anda | Colour: Gabe Eltaeb | Cover Art: Rodolfo Migliari

When Princess Leia is caught between two squadrons of TIE fighters, her undercover scouting may be at an end. But Luke Skywalker is doing his best to disobey Leia’s own orders, and to once again save the princess. Time is short and the Empire is closing in!

“Brian Wood and Carlos D’Anda truly have the making of a classic on their hands. If you ever wondered if Star Wars could ever recapture that childlike glee of those earliest of memories, wonder no more. Star Wars is back and it’s never been better.”


Batman #20

Batman #20

Writer: Scott Snyder | Art: Greg Capullo, Alex Maleev | Cover: Greg Capullo

A strange visitor comes to Gotham City when tragedy delivers the team-up you’ve been asking for since the start of The New 52!

Batman and Red Hood #20

Batman and Red Hood #20

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi | Art: Patrick Gleason, Cliff Richards, Mick Gray, & Mark Irwin | Colours: John Kalisz | Letters: Carlos M. Mangual | Cover: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, & John Kalisz

The massive fallout from the recent events in BATMAN, INCORPORATED take Batman to the very limits of his sanity…will The Red Hood pull him back—or push him over the edge?

Constantine #3

Constantine #3

Writers: Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes | Art: Renato Guedes | Colours: Marcelo Maiolo | Letters: Carlos M. Mangual | Cover: Juan Jose Ryp & Brett Smith

John Constantine’s quest to find the last piece of a powerful mystic artifact before his enemies do brings him to a city that could kill him the moment he sets foot in it: London!

Green Lantern Corps #20

Green Lantern Corps #20

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi | Art: Fernando Pasarin & Scott Hanna | Cover: Andy Kubert


• In the aftermath of their battle against the First Lantern and the Guardians, it’s up to Guy Gardner, John Stewart and the other survivors to try to put the Corps back together, or decide if there should even BE a Corps anymore.  Join Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin for the epic conclusion of their run!

Justice League of America #3

Justice League of America #3

Writers: Geoff Johns & Matt Kindt | Art: David Finch & Scott Clark | Cover: David Finch

A new Secret Society is forming-—but which of its members has the power to attack the Justice League from within?


Grimm #1

Grimm #1

Writers: David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf, Marc Gaffen, & Kyle McVey | Art: Jose Malaga | Cover: Alex Ross

Set in the world of the acclaimed NBC series, Grimm, Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt of the Portland Police Bureau learns he is descended from a line of guardians known as “Grimms,” charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures called “Wesen.” Beginning this issue, Kelly (Nick’s mom) begins her quest to destroy the Coins of Zakynthos.

Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin #4 (Of 6)

Jim Butcher's Dresden Files - Ghoul Goblin #4

Writers: Jim Butcher and Mark Powers | Art: Joseph Cooper | Cover: Ardian Syaf

A small, isolated Midwestern town is being terrorized by a pair of the Nevernever’s most vile creatures, who’ve managed to decimate the star-crossed Talbot family. Harry’s sworn to protect the survivors and end the curse-something that can only be accomplished if he can convince them to take refuge in what amounts to a supernatural fortress. And if the ancient guardian spirit he’s summoned doesn’t kill him first…and if the local cops don’t toss him into a jail cell…

Warlord of Mars #24

Warlord of Mars #24

Writer: Arvid Nelson | Art: Leandro Oliveria, Joe Jusko

John Carter is a prisoner of the brutal tyrant Salensus Oll. His princess is still in the clutches of the ever-sleazy Matai Shang. But Carter’s a lucky guy! A friendly fleet is approaching Salensus Oll’s domed fortress. There’s just one little hitch: the ships are doomed if Carter can’t escape and shut down the terrible Guardian of the North that renders Salensus Oll invincible. Even if he breaks free, Carter will have to face the guardian of the Guardian – the greatest swordsman Mars has ever known!


Star Trek #20

Star Trek #20

Writer: Mike Johnson | Art: Claudia Balboni, Tim Bradstreet

The all-new origin stories of the Enterprise crew conclude with this special issue that focuses on TWO Trek Stalwarts: Sulu and Chekov! Witness their first meeting at Starfleet Academy, and learn how their paths intertwined all the way to the bridge of the Enterprise!

Overseen by Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci, this issue sets the stage for Sulu and Chekov’s new adventures in the blockbuster film sequel!


Walking Dead #110

The Walking Dead #110

Writer: Robert Kirkman | Art: Charlie Adlard

Ezekiel vs. Michonne?

Prophet #35

Prophet #35

Writers: Brandon Graham, Simon Roy | Art: Simon Roy | Cover: Zachary Baldus

With the help of an ancient force, New father Prophet searches for a weapon to fight a deadly threat to the Empire.


Avengers #11

Avengers #11

Writer: Jonathan Hickman | Art: Mike Deodato | Cover: Dustin Weaver


• As Shang-Chi battles an ancient enemy, the Avengers hang out in Hong Kong’s swankiest casino.

• Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Spider-Woman find out it doesn’t pay to gamble in the spy business.

• Cannonball and Sunspot play craps with a bunch of AIM Agents. AND WIN!

Avengers Arena #9

Avengers Arena #9

Writer: Dennis Hopeless | Art: Kev Walker & Jason Gorder | Colours: by Jean-Francois Beaulieu | Letters: by Joe Caramagna | Cover:  by Dave Johnson


• Apex—the mean girl you love to hate—makes her move!

• Issues #2 and #3 both sold out and needed 2nd printings – don’t miss out again!

Deadpool #9

Secret Avengers #4Deadpool #9Writers by Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan | Art: Mike Hawthorne | Colors: Val Staples | Letters: Joe Sabino | Cover: Arthur Adams, Peter Steigerwald

Deadpool targets a MAN with AQUATIC powers!

• Then he teams-up with your SUPERIOR Neighborhood SPIDER-MAN!


Thor: God of Thunder #8

Thor, God of Thunder #8

Writer: Jason Aaron | Art: Esad Ribic | Cover: Esad Ribic

GODBOMB, Part Two of Five

• Thor in chains. Gorr transcendent. All hope for divinity lost. As the clock ticks down on one very large bomb, as enslaved gods look to the skies for a savior, enter…the Girls of Thunder?

Uncanny Avengers #8

Uncanny Avengers #8

Writer: Rick Remeder | Art: Daniel Acuna | Colours: Daniel Acuna | Letters: Chris Eliopoulos | Cover: John Cassaday, Laura Martin

Ragnarök Now, part 2!

• Xavier is dead, now begins the age of The Apocalypse Twins! Now begins Ragnarök and it’s all Thor’s fault!

• S.W.O.R.D. Peak station is attacked by Apocalypse’s Ship! A Celestial’s fate so shocking, so impossible, it will rock the Marvel Universe to its core.

• This is it, Ragnarök is now and not even the Uncanny Avengers can hold it back!

Uncanny X-Force #4

Uncanny X-Force #4

Writer: Sam Humphries | Art: Ron Garney, Scott Hanna, & Adrian Alphona Colours: by Marte Gracia, Israel Gonzalez, & Christina Strain

• The first arc comes to a crazy climactic end!

• What have Fantomex and Cluster been up to while Bishop has been killing the rest of X-Force?

Wolverine #3

Wolverine #3

Writer: Paul Cornell | Art: Alan Davis & Mark Farmer | Colours: Matt Hollingsworth | Letters: Cory Petit | Cover: Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, Matt Hollingsworth, Ed McGuinness

• Guest-starring Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

• How will Logan take down a foe with no permanent body to slash and claw?

• And what does the Watcher have to do with all of this?


Harbringer #12

Harbringer #12

Writer: Joshua Dysart | Art: Khari Evans, Trevor Hairsine | Cover: Amy Reeder, Khari Evans

Unsure of exactly what they’ll find, the Renegades have followed Peter Stanchek’s strange dreams and visions straight into Las Vegas. Led by the words of the Bleeding Monk – who bleeds but does not die – they’re about to find themselves in the company of PRS’s tempestuous teenage test subjects, the fugitive Harbingers that now call themselves Generation Zero. Inside of a fortified Las Vegas casino, will they will be able to broker a peace with their kindred spirits in the Renegades? Or do these trained child soldiers still have one wild card left in their assault on authority?

I think you’ll all agree that this is a pretty awesome selection of comics coming out today/this week. Unfortunately  I can’t pick up all of them, and have managed to barely narrow it down to print copies of Batman #20, Batman and Red Hood #20, Justice League of America #3, Thor: God of Thunder #8, Uncanny Avengers #8 and Uncanny X-Force #4 for my pull list, and a friend has been kind enough to exchange the digital code of Avengers #11 with me for Uncanny Avengers #8, which is pretty awesome. I’d love to be on board with Wolverine and The Walking Dead as well, but I think I’ll wait for the TPB of Wolverine, and I’m so far behind on The Walking Dead. 

So, with that out of the way, what comics are on your pull list? Let me know.

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