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Another recent IDW announcement is that Chris Metzen is going to be penning a brand-new limited series featuring the Cybertronians.

“More great Transformers comics from one of the best writers in the industry. Hell yeah.” ~Shadowhawk

If you’ve spent any length of time playing Blizzard’s extremely successful and popular MMORPG World of WarCraft, then the name of Chris Metzen should be quite familiar. More than anyone else, it has been his vision behind the game that has made it such a huge household name, with some really grand and epic storylines. I’ve seen the man in action at Blizzcon 2009 and his energy and dedication to the game, and to other Blizzard properties, is just phenomenal. Great stuff.

Last year, I came to know that Chris was behind Transformers: Autocracy, a series of comics featuring everybody’s favourite Transformers that case Optimus Prime in a really interesting light, and showed us what and who he was before becoming the leader of the Autobots: Orion Pax. I’ve read some of the issues, and they were quite good. Sadly, I was too distracted at the time with several ongoing DC and Zenescope titles, so never had a chance to go back and go through the entire series.

However, I think I just found some great motivation to do so, courtesy of the latest announcement from IDW. Starting last week, IDW is going to be putting out a series of 12 digital first comics which will put Optimus Prime and Megatron head-to-head in a new story about legendary quests and battles for leadership.

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IDW Announces New Digital TRANSFORMERS Series!


San Diego, CA (March 1, 2013) – Hot on the heels of TRANSFORMERS: AUTOCRACY, IDW Publishing is pleased to bring fans of the fierce Cybertronians a sequel with TRANSFORMERS: MONSTROSITY! The twelve-chapter, digital-first series, from the veteran creative team of writers Chris Metzen and Flint Dille and interior and cover artist Livio Ramondelli, is packed with the explosive robot action that made the first series a roaring critical, commercial, and fan success.

Taking place in the early days of the legendary War for Cybertron, MONSTROSITY tells the story of two battle-hardened commanders: OPTIMUS PRIME of the virtuous AUTOBOTS, and MEGATRON of the villainous DECEPTICONS. Tensions are high as both sides carve out their next stands in the battle for Cybertronian supremacy. Which side will gain the edge? Whose resolve will crumble? And what terrible secrets lay in store for our embattled heroes?

“MEGATRON’S been betrayed,” says editor John Barber, “and he finds himself starting a quest that takes him to some very familiar places—but thanks to Chris, Flint, and Livio, the familiar is made new again! And while MEGATRON is rebuilding his life, GRIMLOCK is butting heads with OPTIMUS PRIME, and leading his renegade DINOBOTS away from the darkest secret of their lives.”

There’s only one way to answer all these questions and more, and that’s by picking up TRANSFORMERS: MONSTROSITY #1 via the Transformers Comics and IDW Comics apps, Comics by comiXology, the iBookstore, or online at


So Transformers fans out there, what’s your reaction? What did you think of Autocracy? New readers, what caught your eye?

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