Cover Reveal: The Masque of Vyle by Andy Chambers


Larry Killian and The Founding Fields present to you the cover art for a new Andy Chambers novel from Black Library.

“Harlequins? Andy Chambers? I want to know more!” ~Larry “Djinn24″ Killian

As part of our ongoing efforts to bring to you the latest in cover art for upcoming releases, we have another one for you, literally hot off the presses so to speak. This appears to be an accidental reveal, which has since been taken down, but we managed to snag the pic in time. For your viewing pleasure, The Masque of Vyle by Andy Chambers, Games Workshop games designer and author of numerous novels, most recently Path of the Renegade, the first in a trilogy of novels about the Dark Eldar. It looks like Andy is definitely amping it up as far as the entire Eldar race is concerned. We couldn’t be more pleased!

As you can tell by the character on the cover, this book appears to be about the Harlequins, a mysterious sect of the Eldar, it’s lorekeepers and performers of stage arts, as well as the guardians of the fabled Black Library, the greatest repository of knowledge in the Warhammer 40,000 setting.

We will have more information on this book as it becomes available. In the meantime, here are some reviews for Path of the Renegade:

djinn24 is a professional miniatures painter, with an equally strong love of books. His reviews are concise and critical. He’s definitely good at what he does.

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    This was accidentally leaked. I can find no info on it. Far as I know we are the first site to publish it so make sure to share.

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    I don’t know about you guys but I’m stoked about this

  • Commissar Ploss

    very interesting. Looks to be a Novella, judging by the size. -CP

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