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Howdy Folks, Commissar Ploss here delivering a new Press Release from Anarchy Book directly to you for your reading pleasure. It details their upcoming release of 7 NOVELS and other such goodies. Also, be sure to come back on April 6th to find out how you can get the Anthology, Vivispulture for FREE! We’ll have a link to where you can get it for free! So be sure to come back. Anyways, Enjoy! Some great novels in this PR!

Press Release

 April 6th, Good Friday, is also Good Anarchy Books Day! We’re releasing not 1 – not 2, but 7 (YES SEVEN!) new novels, and for a limited period we’re giving away our fabulous anthology VIVISEPULTURE for FREE!

 Our new releases are New York Blues by Eric Brown (hardcore SF heavyweight!), A Jar of Wasps by Luis Villazon (whom you may know as a technical writer on PCFormat, MACFormat and, so he certainly knows his tech SF [digital] onions!),  Silversands and The Last Reef by Gareth L. Powell (rising star of contemporary SF), the gentle, beautiful fantasy Fynoderee by Alexander Caine-Duncan, and last but by no means least, Young Punks: A Tale of Anarchy in the UK, a fabulous oral history of growing up as punks in the 70s by BAFTA short-listed film director Paolo Sedazzari. And just to add to the fun, we’ll also be releasing a soundtrack to Young Punks by a brilliant raw new punk band, The Mice, containing their stunning mad single Sex Shop.


Check out for more information, and for details of how to get your FREE NOVEL – VIVISEPULTURE, and a free copy of SEX SHOP.


VIVISEPULTURE – Welcome to our anthology, a collection of weird and bizarre tales by Neal Asher, Tony Ballantyne, Eric Brown, Richard Ford, Ian Graham, Lee Harris, Colin Harvey, Vincent Holland-Keen, James Lovegrove, Gary McMahon, Stan Nicholls, Andy Remic, Jordan Reyne, Ian Sales, Steven Savile, Wayne Simmons, Guy N. Smith, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Jeffrey Thomas, Danie Ware, Ian Watson and Ian Whates. Artwork by Vincent Chong.

In the tradition of Poe, Kafka, Borges and H. G. Wells, this collection of weird stories are written with the primary drive of presenting twisted deviations of normality. Whether it’s the deviant factory workers of Neal Asher’s Plastipak™ Limited, the pus-oozing anti-cherub of Ian Graham’s Rotten Cupid, the acid-snot disgorging freak of Andy Remic’s SNOT, or Ian Watson’s alternate zombie-crucifixion, ZOMBIBLE, each story will drag your organs up through your oesophagus and give your brain a chilli-fired beating!


 April 6th Anarchy Book Releases – Individual Details

New York Blues Cover Art

New York Blues

by Eric Brown

Hal Halliday runs a missing persons business in mid 21st century New York. It is a city that is drowning in refugees after terrorist outrages have left much of America a radioactive wasteland. People colour their grim lives with endless hours spent in VR. It is an addiction which has made VR magnate Sergio Mantoni a multi-millionaire. But now Mantoni faces a threat from a guerilla group called VIREX, who are dedicated to ending the false promise of VR. And when Hal accepts a job to look for the missing sister of a Holodrama star, he find himself drawn into the complex world of VR and VIREX . . .

 Silversands Cover Art


by Gareth L. Powell

In an age where interstellar travel is dangerous and unpredictable, and no-one knows exactly where they’ll end up, Avril Bradley is a Communications officer onboard a ship sent to re-contact as many of these lost souls as possible. But a mysterious explosion strands her in a world of political intrigue, espionage and subterfuge; a world of retired cops, digital ghosts and corporate assassins who fight for possession of computer data lain undisturbed for almost a century. . .

 A Jar of Wasps Cover Art

A Jar of Wasps

by Luis Villazon

Graham Trevennan has just been dumped by his girlfriend. That’s not the problem. He’s wanted by the police for a murder he didn’t commit. That’s not the problem, either. But around the world, dormant volcanoes are suddenly erupting and impossibly complex crystal meteorites are falling out of the sky in a way that probably isn’t coincidental.        Now, the CIA, the army and at least one terrifyingly beautiful treasure hunter all seem to think that shooting Graham will somehow help them get hold of these priceless, extraterrestrial crystals. That is a problem.


Graham’s mission is to avoid getting killed, figure out whose side he is on and save the world. In the end, he manages two out of three. Which for a beginner, isn’t bad.

 Dark Asylum Cover Art

Dark Asylum

by Matthew Cowden

All families have secrets. Some are just far darker than others.

Pennsylvania, 1895. Evil and madness hide within the walls of the Gaskell’s gothic, country mansion, and some believe ghosts roam the halls to torture the living. Emily Radcliffe, the Gaskell’s governess, has her own dark past, one she has been hiding from under the shelter of this sinister home.

A blood thirsty killer escapes from a nearby mental hospital, leaving a trail of carnage and cat-and-mouse games through the streets of Allegheny City, and giving the police the impression that the Gaskell family may be his eventual target. Mystery, madness and carnage gradually surround Emily as she becomes trapped in this dark world of secrets and sin.

Dark Asylum is a tale of the late Edgar Gaskell, a man who is the key to unlocking the horrifying secrets of a tortured family and horrors beyond imagination… Only read Dark Asylum if you wish to suffer…

 Young Punks Cover Art

Young Punks

by Paolo Sedazzari

Young Punks is an oral history novel that takes you back to the scariest day of your life – your first day at secondary school, and secondary schools don’t come any scarier than Feltham Comprehensive, West London. Rough, tough and brutal – if you stole a peek at the graffiti in the bogs you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the bowels of hell. It really is a case of – we can laugh about it now but at the time it was terrible. Young Punks is a universal timeless tale of adolescence, with our story kicking off in the mid seventies, and a sleeping Britain is about to be jolted awake by the punk rock explosion. But the three 11 year old protagonists of Young Punks are about to experience something even more seismic – puberty. We get spots and our voices break and whether you like it or everything has to change.

Young Punks brings you the fun, the scrapes and the anarchy of adolescence, packed with heartbreak and anguish, sibling rivalry and parental conflict. Mixing it altogether to give you an authentic picture of what it was like to try and grow up in the seventies, and what happens after you leave school and get spat out into the big bad world.

 Fynoderee Cover Art


by Alexander Caine Duncan

“Is this magic?” asked the boy, unable to hold his curiosity any longer. “No. It’s not magic,” said the creature, as calm as before. “It’s just…different”… For Juan Kerruish, a boy only ever noticed by the school bullies, his world is about to turn upside down. When he meets Bea, the Fynoderee, a creature thought to exist only in myth, he discovers that he carries a message from the past that could change the course of the future. In a time when old and new worlds collide with life threatening consequences, the few who stand in the way of an ancient evil must face and conquer their ultimate fears, if ever the land and their loved ones are to be saved.

 Last Reef Cover Art

The Last Reef

by Gareth L. Powell

What do you try to save when your world falls apart? Gareth L. Powell’s first collection of short fiction features a motley collection of archaeologists, hackers and ex-cops struggling to answer that very question. As their lives implode around them, will they use the moment to save their own skins, or to find a way to make up for past misdeeds? With settings ranging from the dead sands of Mars to the seedy backstreets of Amsterdam and Buenos Aires, these fifteen action-packed tales explore mind-bending science fictional ideas through the eyes of unforgettable and all-too-human characters.

Author Information


ERIC BROWN was born in West Yorkshire, England in 1960, Brown has lived in Australia, India, and Greece. He began writing when he was fifteen and sold his first short story to Interzone in 1986. His story The Time-Lapsed Man won the Interzone readers’ roll for the most admired story of 1988. He has won the British Science Fiction Award twice for his short stories and has published over twenty books: SF novels, collections, books for teenagers and younger children, as well as radio plays, articles and reviews. His latest books include the collection Threshold Shift, the novella The Extraordinary Voyage of Jules Verne, and the children’s book Crazy Love. He is married to the writer and mediaevalist Finn Sinclair, and has one daughter, Freya. He lives in Cambridge, United Kingdom.


LUIS VILLAZON has degrees in Zoology and Computing. He has worked as a computer programmer, raised chickens, rabbits, turkeys and quails and served eight years as a volunteer coastguard rescuing people from cliffs. All of these things were a long time ago. Now he writes for various science and technology magazines and builds steampunk ray-guns out of odd bits of brass and copper. Luis is divorced and lives in North Devon, near to his three children but a long way from his girlfriend. A Jar of Wasps is his first novel.


GARETH L. POWELL. Born and brought up in the West of England, Gareth L. Powell studied Humanities and Creative Writing at the University of Glamorgan. He has since given guest lectures on creative writing at Bath Spa University, and has written a series of non-fiction articles on science fiction for The Irish Times. He is the author of the novels The Recollection and Silversands, both of which were favourably reviewed in The Guardian, and the short story collection The Last Reef, which was described by Morpheus Tales as “One of the finest collections of SF short stories I have had the privilege of reading” Gareth lives near Bristol with his family, and can be found online at


PAOLO SEDAZZARI began his film-making journey in the late nineties after several punishing years as a rave promoter and freelance journalist. Fuelled by a punk rock spirit mixed with a Roger Corman ethos of ‘brilliance on a budget’ his debut film the black comedy BRADBURY BEAR – FIRE RANGER made the BAFTA short list and rocked the London Film Festival in 1998. After a few more shorts it was time to make the big leap into feature films. It took Paolo the best part of four years to take his black comedy horror THE TOYBOX from computer screen to seeing the finished DVD in the racks of HMV. The film saw releases in the UK, Germany, Russia Thailand, and The USA – where it is presently available for viewing on the VOD service. Horror expert Kim Newman in Empire magazine appointed The Toybox his Video Dungeon breakout film for the month, and compared the direction to Peter Jackson of Heavenly Creatures. Leading horror magazine Fangoria had this to say – “The Toybox is a strong aesthetic experience and a pleasant escape from the follow-the-leader trend.” In 2012 Paolo publishes through Anarchy Books the semi auto-biographical work Young Punks which will strike a chords with lovers of the British music scene all over the globe.

ALEXANDER CAINE DUNCAN was born and brought up in the Isle of Man. What began as a mild interest in his homeland’s folklore turned into an obsession, taking up most of his spare time, and a lot of time when he should of been doing other things! Alexander spent ten years as an actor, working both nationally and internationally in theatre, film and television with companies ranging from the R.S.C. to the B.B.C. and winning a number of awards for his performances. He now teaches and makes up stories full time.


Other Important Info

Finally, we’ve also started a mail order service with our ANARCHY PACK 1 – 8 novels and 4 albums! delivered on a 1 gig memory stick to your door, for just £24.99.

This includes:

[NOVELS] Serial Killers Incorporated by Andy Remic, The Office of Lost and Found by Vincent Holland-Keen, Rain Dogs by Gary McMahon, GIG (both sides) by James Lovegrove, New York Nights by Eric Brown, Vivisepulture Anthology by Various, Monstrocity by Jeffrey Thomas, SIM by Andy Remic, The Black Seas of Infinity by Dan Henk – and [ALBUMS] ser1al killers incorporat3d by th3 m1ss1ng, SIM by th3 m1ss1ng, GIG by James Lovegrove and Monstrocity by Das Sombreros.

 For more info please see the website

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