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Larry Killian reviews SIM by Andy Remic, a fast paced science fiction eBook set in the future, published by Anarchy Books.

Reading SIM is like reading Robocop meets Ash from Evil Dead. ~The Founding Fields 

I just finished this book and I have to say I have not been more confused, excited, and thrilled about a book in a long while.  Maybe confused is a bad word to describe how I feel about this book.  There are things that I am still do not understand about the story, but that did not detract from what I read, and honestly makes me want to read it again!  The story is about a war vet turned into a government police officer, only known as Justice D through out the book.  One day while out on a mission in the dregs hunting the humans who are breaking LAW by going against the GOV Justice D’s life is saved by a little cat with green eyes that he takes it home and names  Emmy short for emerald because of her green eyes.

Justice D is a drug addict, using it to see colors, since humans eyes do not work and have to be replaced by eyes that only see in black and white, to relax, and to sleep but he notices the more he is around his new cat Emmy, the less he is having to use narcos.  While owning a pets in his world is frowned upon, he does not car, as the cat becomes his closest friend.  Everything seems to be going quite well until a doctor discovers that dog are the cause of human blindness, and whats worse the disease, called canker, is mutating and getting worse.  But Justice D is not bothered but this news as long as no one messes with his Emmy!

I have to say this was an awesome book to read, at times you could guess where the book was going, but that is fine, how you got there is a total mind trip of carnage, explosions, death, and love for ones pet.  Its like when you are on a road trip with your buddies, you know you are going to Florida, but you have no idea the crazy stuff you are going to get into on the way down there.  You really start to root for Justice D early in the book but by the middle you can not wait to see what in the heck he is going to do next in his psychotic trip through sociopath-ville. The book kept me on the edge of my seat, the definition of a page turner.  I read it in 3 sittings as I did not want to put it down, sleep finally winning out and forcing me to put the book down.  The action is fast passed but it still tells the story of what is happening well.  The plot keeps up it space pretty much through out the entire book but takes some serious lefts and rights all throughout the book to keep you on your toes, guessing or trying to figure out what the heck just happened.

I think Andy did a great job of putting the story together,  painting Justice D as the psychotic bastard he turns into. The action scene paint a nice sick picture of what is happening in the story as he is sweeping his way across the land and as the story is being told.  Several times the only thing that kept me from thinking the book was about to end was the fact that there where pages left in the book.

While the book was a great read there where several things that I found to detract from the book.  I think more time could have been used explaining the interaction between Emmy and Justice D.  There was an insanely strong bond between the two characters but I do not know if enough was told as to why he was so hooked on his cat.  I have been told, even though that this book is not part of a series, that is continues from previous books which left me, as a new reader wondering why some things happened the way that they did.

I would highly recommend this book with a slight warning: this book is NOT kid friendly, the language and violence was rough and coarse.  But this did not detract me from reading the book, but to let you know there is  some graphic sexual scenes, graphic violence, and quite a few curse words.

Overall I would give this book a 7.5/10



Released Friday 26th August by Anarchy Books

321 pages

SIM, an EBOOK original novel by ANDY REMIC, author of Spiral, Quake, Warhead, War
Machine, Biohell, Hardcore, Cloneworld, Theme Planet, Kell’s Legend, Soul
Stealers, Vampire Warlords and Serial Killers Incorporated.


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