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The Brazen Minotaurs are trying to recapture something precious to them in the bowels of a planet infested by Nurgle.  Deeper they go it becomes apparent that they either have an unknown friend helping them or someone else is after the same thing that they are!

George Mann does a great job of adopting his writing style for this audio drama put out by Black Library to put you into the action as you are listening to it ~ The Founding Fields 

The story starts out as a group of Brazen Minotaurs and Raven Guard land on a planet independent of each other, that has been infected and lost to the forces of Nurgle.  Deep in the bowels of this planet the Brazen Minotaurs have a precious artifact that they will die to regain.  Little do they know right before they land a combat squad of the Raven Guard have landed and are clearing a path for the Brazen Minotaurs to repay a dept.  As the Minotaurs begin to encounter the slain bodies of foes they become fearful that someone is seeking the same thing they are. It starts slow but the action picks up as they go deeper into the catacombs of the crypt that they are hunting.  The narrator and author do an outstanding job describing the disgusting aspects of Nurgle when they encounter it.  Also it shows the unique hunting style of both of the chapters as they are on the hunt.  The challenges grow more fearsome the deeper they go, will both groups survive this trek and will the Minotaurs get to the artifact deep in the catacombs before the foul taint of the warp is able to unlock its secrets.

All in all this was a really nice audio drama to listen to.  Some things are a bit different then in others I have listened to by Black Library as the Brazen Minotaurs are done in a Russian accent.  The narrator is a veteran in the world of audio books and you can tell as you listen to this.  The two voice actors that play also do an outstanding job of making you feel the story instead of just listening to it.  The plot has a great flow to it, bringing you steadily along to the end.  The only issue I have is the same as all the audio dramas I have heard from Black Library, it is just to darn short, coming in at 76 minutes.  This could have easily been something twice the length.

Labyrinth of Sorrows is an audio drama by George Mann Read by Sean Barrett, Rupert Degas & Saul Reichlin.
Running Time :76 Minutes.
February 2012 • ISBN

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  • Xguy

    “the Brazen Minotaurs are done in a Russian accent.”

    I’m pretty sure those accents are meant to be African.

    • Commissar Ploss

      lol i’m not so sure. they’re definitely “Russian”

      • Xguy

        Disagree. Played some of it to a Nigerian guy where I work, he said “sounds like a white man pretending to be me!” lol
        Also the sound fx suck on this one. Before they has fx from the DoW games, not on this one. ??

    • Larry Killian

      I heard russian when I was listening to them, but if you hear african, cool!

      • Commissar Ploss

        that wasn’t no Shaka Zulu…

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