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Friend of the site, Dagmire, famous member of the popular Warhammer 40k podcast “The Overlords,” (episodes available from iTunes) reviews the self-published eBook Far From Over by Jock Condon.

Dalton is a specialist in the private security industry. He has a reputation for being the “go-to guy” for many people including the CEO of Stone Insurance Underwriters of London.

The job is simple.

The task is to accompany an employee from Executive Diamonds of Geneva to Soho to pick up £20m in uncut diamonds. Unfortunately the diamonds go missing and Dalton is tasked with finding out just where they went after completing his escort of the diamonds to Luton airport.  With danger around every corner, Dalton must use all his experience, skill and contacts to stay alive. As the diamonds get closer, the risks increase but he will stop at nothing to complete his task.

Far from over is an eBook available on Amazon. It cost just £2.42 and is well worth the money.

This is Jocks first book and it is self published.

From the very outset you can tell that Condon is writing what he knows, he has worked in the security industry for many years. Much like Chris Ryan he is able to transport you into his world, giving you a glimpse of what it’s like working as a high end security consultant

Far From Over starts off slowly with a nice relaxed introduction to Dalton as a character. The pace quickly builds to and explosive finale. Dalton is led over Europe from London through Russia and to Amsterdam in the search of the diamonds that were stolen after the complication of his first mission.  Dalton’s character is likeable and unassuming, not like the burly lone wolf types we read so much of nowadays. As a reader you will find yourself relating to Dalton and becoming invested in his mission and his life.

Over all I would highly recommend this book to any fans of Lee Child or Ryan as you can see the influences throughout the book.

Although there are some parts of the book that don’t flow as smoothly as they could, this is a fantastic effort from a first time, self published author. With the addition of an editor, Condon will certainly be one to watch.


Dagmire is a friend of TFF and a major player on the very popular 40k podcast “The Overlords.” check him out at www.theoverlords.co.uk

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