I Love My Fans!

So a mysterious package arrived at my door this morning. The postman came up to the step and asked me to sign for a box i didn’t recognize. So I did. And you’ll never guess what was inside:

A brand new Nook (from Barnes&Noble) eReader! Full-on touchscreen awesomeness! It came preloaded with some great books and i’ve already put my small collection of Angry Robot and Black Library ebooks on there as well!   You may ask where i got this from, well, i’ll tell you. That’s why i love my fans so much. :)

It came from one of my readers here at TFF who loves the site so much (according to the nice hand written note that was in the box) that he wanted to donate something that i’ve been craving for a long time. He’s asked i keep his name anonymous for various reasons so i will. But thank you sir! i greatly appreciate it! I’ve been itching for a way to carry my reviews on the road, and this will work perfectly!!!  Once again, to anyone else who wants to get me stuff, feel free. I’m always open to bribery and willing to impart favoritism upon those who buy me goodies! lol

Commissar Ploss

David Ploss

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