My interview with The Overlords Podcast

Hello again everyone. little short on book reviews this week but fear not! I’ve got three upcoming, so keep your pants on. :)   Meanwhile! i wanted to alert you all to an interview i did with The Overlords Podcast.  Had a wonderfully long chat with Dagmire about all manner of fiction related things. Gave the proper shoutouts to my pals and made sure to let everyone know about upcoming and current projects i’ve got going on. You really ought to have a listen i’ll provide a link to where you can download the episode. You can find my interview at the 2:07:00 mark thereabouts. Please let me know what you think. you can download it through iTunes or directly from their site. :o )

Episode 40 – The Overlords Podcast (skip to 2:07:00 for the interview)
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(unofficial, but favorite, podcast of TFF)

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