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Perhaps you’ve had a hard time getting to visit The Founding Fields to check up and see what the new news is around the fictionverse! Well, now you can be alerted via email when a new post is made here on TFF.  That’s right! If a new book review gets posted, you’ll get an email, if a new interview is posted, you’ll get an email, etc etc. that way, you can pick and choose your designated visiting time. Don’t worry, i’ll still continue to post updates via Twitter and Facebook, so for those of you who follow that way, you wont miss out. 

If you would like to sign up for email updates, it’s on the right hand sidbar under the search bar. just pop in your email and hit “submit” it’s that simple. :o )

cheers everyone!


David Ploss

I’m a bit of an awesome person. :) I’m a semi-famous 40k Intellect and the Business Manager of Chique Geek Entertainment, LLC. I’m a book reviewer and the owner of Beware my wonky-ness…


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