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Time to promote a friend!

DropSiteMassacre is a Black Library, 40k Book Review blog, from a 40k fan for 40k fans. DSM and TFF were founded almost at the same time, and as such have a lot in common. 
I visit his site all the time and always enjoy the reviews i read over there. I admire his work greatly and applaud him.  Lately he’s slowed down a bit, but i have to give the man props, since he’s now a proud father!!!

So, i’d like to take this opportunity to further our collective wargaming community by promoting a friend of mine, and a friend of The Founding Fields.  So, i’ve linked his latest review of the Ravenor Omnibus by Dan Abnett. I hope all of you will take the time to head over there and show him the same kind of love that you all have shown me and my staff. I would really appreciate it. and i believe, as a Commissar, i have a duty to make sure that’s an order!

So here it is the link to DSM’s review of the Ravenor Omnibus by Dan Abnett:




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