The Return of William King

Lord of the Night here with some heartening news for all fans of the original Gotrek and Felix author, the man who penned the adventures of Ragnar Blackmane and who left Games Workshop years ago.

William King has returned!, yes its true. Many months ago we heard this news and that he would be penning a new adventure about two characters that every Warhammer fan knows. The Elf twins Tyrion and Teclis, last descendants of Aenarion the Defender, both the greatest swordsman and mage respectively in the world.
We may have thought this would be quite a way off but today Black Library decided to sneak a few new novels onto their Coming Soon page. And I was extremely delighted to see that the one was titled Blood of Aenarion by Will King.
The very first of the Tyrion and Teclis trilogy is coming on October 2011 in hardback format for £18.00. Bill King’s return is nearing, and I eagerly await the first novel to cover the adventures of the Elf twins. Hopefully it will detail the adventure that made them famous, Tyrion rescuing the Everqueen and fighting against the Witch King’s champion, and Tyrion facing down Malekith in a magical duel, becoming one of the few people to ever best the Witch King in combat. But if its a brand new adventure i’d be just as happy, these two are definitely going to make for a grand series.

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