New Gaunt’s Ghosts Cover Art

We’ve got some new artwork from the Black Library this week. A new cover shot of one of the upcoming Gaunt’s Ghosts books. The debate is still ongoing as to which one it’s for, but i’ve got my nose to the truth stone, and i’m fairly sure which book it goes to.

If my assumptions are correct, It’s the cover to the upcoming Gaunt’s Ghosts novel, Salvation’s Reach.  Can’t wait for this one, should be an epic read. 

Might as well discuss what he looks like. Stunning cover work, and actually this suits my current thoughts about what he looks like. A bit of a paunch, and trauma from being openly flayed in one of the latest books. War and age has taken it’s toll on him. Growing a bit past middle age, and that’s lucky enough for an active duty commissar. Perhaps Guant has pushed his luck far enough? Lets speculate what will happen in the next book shall we? :o )


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