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Black Library News

A Universe of Adventure
Issue 8    Volume 1               
Compiled by your humble servant Brother Czarny
New and Noteworthy

We begin to rev up the BL printing press this month with some more really exciting books.  In addition to the physical books we have exciting news on other publishing matters from the evil lords of Black Library towers.

Firedrake is the second book in the Salamander series, following the book oddly enough entitled Salamander. When Chaplain Elysius of the Salamanders is taken captive by dark eldar, he faces a fight for survival at the hands of these cruel aliens. The Firedrakes of the 1st Company attempt a daring rescue mission, but much more is at stake than the Chapain’s life. He holds the key to secrets buried beneath Mount Deathfire, secrets that could reveal the damnation – or salvation – of their home world.  Nick Kyme is diligently working on his next book – a Space Marine Battles novel entitled, The Fall of Damnos.

The First Heretic continues the bestselling Horus Heresy series with the story of the Word Bearers. During the Great Crusade, the Emperor castigates the Word Bearers for their worship. Distraught at this judgement, Primarch Lorgar and his Legion seek another path while venting their fury on the battlefield. Their search leads them to the edge of the material universe, encountering ancient and powerful forces. Aaron Dembski-Bowden and the Horus Heresy series are also a powerful force – one not to be missed.  Aaron is hoping to continue the string of New York Times bestsellers and if the initial feedback is an indication he should be there.

Warrior Priests are holy crusaders of the Empire, crushing daemons, witches and heretics alike with righteous fury. These bold men wield death and damnation, with warhammers held high and the word of Sigmar on their lips. In the novel, Warrior Priest, Jakob Wolff is one such warrior, and sets out to track down his brother, whose soul has been tainted by the Ruinous Powers. Darius’ next book is a Warhammer Heroes novel entitled Sigvald, featuring the Chaos champion of Slaanesh, Sigvald the Magnificent.
The latest audio drama ties into the Time of Legends series and it is written by the lore master of the high elves – Gav Thorpe. Aenarion seeks the power of the sword of Khaine to protect his homeland of Ulthuan. The journey is fraught with danger, and Aenarion must confront daemons, spirits and the elemental forces of nature itself if he is to succeed. In drawing the blade from its Black Anvil, he will unleash the ancient and malevolent force that will tear the elven race apart.
Island of Blood is a special novella we have produced in conjunction with the release of the new Warhammer box game. For countless millennia the high elves of Ulthuan have kept watch over the Island of Blood. Shrouded in elven magic and impenetrable mists, its cruel, Chaos-warped peaks hide a wealth of dark secrets – including a powerful relic for the dawn of the Old World, known as the Phoenix Stone. Author Darius Hinks takes the reader on a tale of battle and intrigue pitting the elves against the ratmen and all their vile kin.
Double Eagle brings back an old favourite of Dan Abnett and the Black Library in POD format. Set in the Sabbat Worlds crusade, the Phantine fighter group tries to hold off a Chaos invasion and protect a planet. Action-packed warfare featuring armoured columns and the Imperial Navy.
Whispers from the Warp
Last month we talked about the new e-zine, Hammer and Bolter.  Now, Black Library digital is live. Go to the Black Library website to check out free downloads as well as many popular books available for sale later in the fall.  We are starting off with 110 books and specials available every Friday.  Check out Black Library digital at:
The window is now open for submissions for short stories about Chaos Space Marines.  All materials are due October 22nd.  Additional details are available at:
Nathan Long, sage of Gotrek and Felix and author of the recently published Zombieslayer, has provided a public safety announcement on “How not to get eaten by Zombies”, found on the Black Library website at:
Get it.  Read it.  Live it.  Remember, the undead are not playthings (for most people anyway). 
Looking Forward
Dead Men Walking features the Death Korps of Kreig in a battle for the soul of a planet against the soulless.  When the necrons rise, a mining planet descends into a cauldron of war and the remorseless foes decimate the human defenders.  Salvation comes in an unlikely form – the Death Korps of Kreig, a force as unfeeling as the necrons themselves.  When the two powers go to war, casualties are high and the magnitude of the destruction is unimaginable.
Ciaphas Cain returns in his first hardcover novel, The Emperor’s Finest. The search for the source of an alien threat leads Ciaphas Cain to a drifting space hulk.  But when the Reclaimers Space Marines suffer terrible losses, Cain and his trusty aide Jurgen must go it alone.  With the tyranids walking and a group of stowaway orks on the loose, Cain must use all his ingenuity and cunning to escape the space hulk alive.
Wulfrik is the third book in the Warhammer Heroes series and the first chaos “hero” written by C. L. Werner. He is cursed by the Ruinous Powers to roam the Old World to collect prizes to appease the Dark Gods. Within the Chaos powers he finds there is a plot against him and he must now fight against one who would take his soul.
Garro: Legion of One is the second Garro audio drama, telling more of the tale about the loyalist Death Guard. His Emperor-given mission leads him to a ruined warzone, where a secret to change the course of the Horus Heresy will be revealed…
Angelika Fleischer Omnibus – the latest POD book from the vaults of the Black Library.  Features the adventures of Angelika Fleischer, battlefield scavenger, and the star-crossed young knight who is bound to her by his oath to repay her for saving his life.
Last Bits
Games Day UK was a lot of fun.  If you haven’t had a chance to go, try to make it next year.
Here is a list of some of the events The Black Library will be attending in 2011 – complete with authors, exclusives and bad jokes.
BL Live – Nottingham, UK – March 5
Adepticon – Lombard, IL – April 1-3
Book Expo America – New York, NY – May 23-26
Games Day US – Chicago, IL – July 30
UK Games Day – Birmingham, UK – Late September
Australian Games Day – Fall 2011
cheers everyone!  

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