Win a Copy of the SABBAT WORLDS anthology!


Hello there again everyone! I’ve got an extra copy of the SABBAT WORLDS anthology, and i thought to myself, what better way to engage with the community then to host a giveaway! 

That’s right, i’m giving away a brand spanking new copy of SABBAT WORLDS.  It’s free! There is no cost.  All you have to do is:

step 1: follow TFF using the google friend connect app on the right-hand sidebar.

step 2: post a reply to this thread guessing the number of pageviews that TFF has had this past week.  (I’ll give you a hint. more than 500 and less than 1000.)

simple as that!

The person who guesses the closest wins. 

The contest/giveaway will run through the week.  Check back on Friday to see who won.   I’ll contact the winner via email for an adress to which i can send the book to. :)



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