Sarah Cawkwell to write new Space Marine Battles novel.

It has been announced that Sarah Cawkwell, newest author in the Black Library lineup, will be writing a new Space Marine Battles novel.  Titled Gildar Rift it will feature the Silver Skulls Space Marine chapter.

Based on this passage from the Space Marines codex:

“The Silver Skulls Chapter fleet destroys a Red Corsair strike force comprising several Executor-class grand cruisers. The surviving renegades make planetfall on several worlds in the Gildar system, but the Silver Skulls are not to be thwarted so easily. In a matter of weeks, the Gildar system is declared free of the Red Corsair’s influence.”

Sarah Cawkwell has recently joined the ranks of the Black Library authors with her short story in the first issue of Hammer & Bolter magazine. A new digital publication from the black library.  Her story Primary Instinct was her first published work.  Featuring the Silver Skulls, it is a wonderful story, and i hope that all of you will read it here in the near future.

My review of the short story is forthcoming.


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