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Howdy all, just wanted to keep you all updated as to what is going to be next in terms of book reviews.

Right now i’m eating up the Sabbat Worlds Antho like Aaron Dembski-Bowden eats up lesser authors for breakfast: fast and in large quantities!  Next up will be a review of Firdrake, I’ve got it sitting here burning a hole in my desk. Those Salamanders are hot!  Following that I’ve got here First Heretic to review.  Been eagerly anticipating this one.  And then onto Prospero Burns!  As long as nothing else comes up in the middle, that will be the line up.  Although i’m probably going to throw a review in there of Sword of Justice by Chris Wraight. I’ve been overdue in reading it, and figure it’s high time i’ve said something regarding it.

Lets recap:

Sabbat Worlds Antho
First Heretic
Prospero Burns
(Sword of Justice)

That’s your starting line up for the fall/winter season. Cheers! They’re all here in my hands, i’ve just been struggling with how to schedule them. :-)

Never fear, you will continue to see reviews of new and past books by Lord of the Night, as he completes them.  He does a good job, so i’m keeping him around. lol

cheers all.


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