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This time we’ve got a great piece for you in Featured Fiction.  Another poetry piece by none other than Heresy-Online member Shogun_Nate.  I’m proud to say that i had the opportunity to witness most of Nate’s time on Heresy, and i must say we played host to one of fan-fiction’s great authors.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy this piece as much as i do.


In the Name of my God

With chain-ed axe,
I hacked and rent.
For Blood’s true call,
To hell I sent!
The Imperial Lap-dogs, whose faith disdained,
Quenched my thirst with their bloody rain.

For blood and death is all I know,
And darkest God in who’s name I sow,
The bloody Harvest of Gore and Pain
The crimson blood for Khorne’s name!
Skulls I heap at the foot of his throne,
The fate of those sealed in alabaster bone!

For Khorne’s mighty rage, I kill and bleed!
In death and blood, do I succeed!
Blighted is the name of God unknown,
From lips of fools who worship at the Golden Throne!
Would that they know my Master’s grace!
Would that they look upon his bloodied face!
His countenance would surely shame,
Those poor fools who worship in vain!

Let blood be my beckon’d call!
For that crimson ichor, I have sent them all,
To my Master, black and dark!
For forgotten Gods that bray and hark!
In blood my piety measures all!
For time will not pass without the call,
Of the Blood God’s wrathful thrall!

That we of Khorne have thusly slain,
The last of those who should remain,
On worlds touched with ignorant bliss,
For darkened words surely missed!
When comes the fire from the sky,
We blood-soaked warriors of the curse-ed Eye!

Pray in vain, you mortals all,
For in the coming darkness, the Blood God calls!
We who have come to tally the count,
We shall not leave without blood amount!

by: Shogun_Nate

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