Black Library News – June

Yes i know its late, but i’ve can’t have been arsed to post it yet.  So its here now. :) Your Black Library News for June.

Below is a brief rundown, for the expanded details, download the file at the end of the post.

  • Sword of Justice ($8.99) is the start of a new fantasy line called Warhammer Heroes.
  • Gav Thorpe rejoins the ranks of the published with the novel Path of the Warrior ($8.99).
  • No new POD or audio this month, but we do have Enforcer ($15) a Shira Calpurnia omnibus by Matt Farrer.
  • Courage and Honour entered the SF charts in its first week at number 15.
  • There is an audio extract of our latest audio drama – Fireborn on the Black Library website.

Looking Forward:

  • The versatile Nick Kyme, fresh from his triumphant tour of New York at Book Expo, comes back strong with his fantasy novel Grimblades ($8.99).
  • Nemisis ($8.99) is the latest instalment of the Horus Heresy story by BL veteran writer James Swallow.
  • The next audio drama is Throne of Lies, a Night Lords story by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.
  • There are two (2!) POD novels of BL classics – Farseer by William King and Mark of Chaos , an omnibus by James Wallace.
  • a new hardcover Soul Drinkers novella will only be available on the website.
  • Guests for the US Games Day in Baltimore are so far: Mike Lee, Nathan Long, Clint Werner and two secret guests forthcoming.  The date is August 21st.
  • we will be producing an abridged version of Horus Rising as an audio book for January 2011. Expect it to be priced around $30 and several disks.

Ok, so that pretty much does it for a summary.  I’ve included the ‘secret’ in-house newsletter for you to download here : BL News Issue 4 vol 1 Just click to download the document.  Its got the details on everything listed above.  cheers, and once again sorry for this coming at the end of the month instead of towards the beginning.


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