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Magic: The Gathering by Matt Forbeck – Comics Review [Shadowhawk]

Shadowhawk reviews the brand-new 4-issues comics mini-series by Matt Forbeck, Magic: The Gathering, published by IDW Publishing.

“A fast-paced and thrilling ride that is a fantastic introduction to the world of Magic: The Gathering. Dack Fayden has arrived and he’s taking names!” ~The Founding Fields

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Bloodsworn by Nathan Long – Advance Review [Shadowhawk]

Shadowhawk reviews the final novel of the Ulrika the Vampire trilogy for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, one of the best series to come from Black Library in recent years.

Bloodsworn is a stunning conclusion to an epic series and is full to the brim with no-holds barred Vampire badassery, political intrigue, introspection, betrayal and heroism as only a true Warhammer novel can be.” ~The Founding Fields

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Carpathia by Matt Forbeck – Advance Review [Shadowhawk]

Shadowhawk reviews Matt Forbeck’s next novel for Angry Robot Books, a part-romance, part-fantasy novel about the Titanic and vampires.

“If you thought that the sinking of the Titanic was the only disaster that night then think again for the truly scary vampires are now back on the scene.” ~ The Founding Fields

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