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Age of Legend by Various Authors – Review [Bane of Kings]

Bane of Kings reviews Age of Legend, a collection of Warhammer Fantasy Battles – set in the multi-author Time of Legends series, published by Black Library. This Anthology contains works from Paul S. Kemp, Sarah Cawkwell, Nick Kyme, Andy Hoare, Gav Thorpe, Josh Reynolds, CL Werner, Phillip Athans and Ben Counter.

“A fantastic collection of short stories that highlight the best of what Warhammer Fantasy has to offer. If you’re familiar with the Warhammer Fantasy Universe, you’d better go out and buy this book now. ~The Founding Fields

Bane of Kings is one our most senior book reviewers here at The Founding Fields, based in England. He’s a prolific reviewer that has contributed to many things here and around the internet.


Accursed Eternity by Sarah Cawkwell – Novella Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews the second eBook installment of the Space Marine Battles anthology coming out next year, The Architect of Fate, a collection of four linked novellas by various authors.

Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Goosebumps, Action, Accursed Eternity has all of this and more in spades.” ~ The Founding Fields

Shadowhawk is a regular contributor to TFF. A resident of Dubai, Shadowhawk reads, reads and reads. His opinions are always clear and concise. His articles always worth reading.


The Gildar Rift by Sarah Cawkwell – Advanced Review [Bane of Kings]

Bane of Kings reviews The Gildar Rift by Sarah Cawkwell, her first novel,  published by Black Library.

 “A well-crafted debut that is clearly one of the better novels in the Space Marine Battles Series.” ~The Founding Fields

 Note: This is an advanced review for Black Library. The Gildar Rift will be released to the public in December 2011.


Bane of Kings is one our most senior book reviewers here at The Founding Fields, based in England. He’s a prolific reviewer that has contributed to many things here and around the internet.


The Gildar Rift by Sarah Cawkwell – Advanced Review [Lord of the Night]

Lord of the Night reviews the smashing debut novel of Black Library’s newest author-(ess) Sarah Cawkwell, aka Pyroriffic of the Bolthole, The Gildar Rift, the seventh novel of the Space Marines Battles series.


“A stunning first-novel debut for the Black Library’s latest author Sarah Cawkwell, she has more than earned a place in the  Book of Honour.”~The Founding Fields


Lord of the Night

Lord of the Night is one of TFF’s original reviewers. He’s done quite a few for TFF and that number keeps expanding. You’ll enjoy his diverse mix of book reviews. Always a treat.

Podcasting, Cawky, Overlords and Giggling

Yes, it’s an odd title. But some of you may know why each word is significant.  I’ll break it down for those of you who dont know.

Podcasting: I’ve done guest features on some different podcasts for a while now. But my favorite, and the one i’ve done the most with, is The Overlords Podcast. I’ve done multiple interviews with them, and they even announce some news that pops up here every once and a while, significant book reviews, giveaways, etc. They’re TFF’s official podcast.  Anyways, I’ve sat down again with Dagmire (who’s as smooth as smooth jazz) along with another friend/colleague of mine (we’ll get to her in a moment) for a new segment that is going to feature on the Overlords podcast.
The working title is, “The Magic of Post Production” since we couldn’t think of a title, and we were sure that would be taken care of ‘in post-production.’ So it seemed fitting.  It’s an expose on writing and being a writer. That’s as much as we’ve got settled. lol We’ve recorded the first segment “The Beginning” already this past Wednesday. Look for it in the next episode from The Overlords. get it on your iTunes, it’s worth it. :) If nothing else, then get it so you can hear my voice. My Voice = Sultry.

Cawky: Refers to the wonderful miss Sarah Cawkwell. Friend, colleague, and subject of many of my nerdgasms these past months. She knows why.   But! she’s guest-starring in this podcast segment with me. We’re the ‘experts’ so it’s been a blast just doing this first part with her. ) Follow her Twitter ramblins with @Pyroriffic. And be sure to check out her forum for Black Library fans. www.thebolthole.org More on her later.

Overlords: see: Podcasting, above.

Giggling: the effect of one-too-many friends, one-too-many naughty comments, and a three-way Skype chat on the subject of writing. Much giggling ensued. I love my friends. )

so, that’s it, keep an eye out for that new segment in the next episode of the Overlords podcast. cheers!

Commissar Ploss

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