The Eviscerators [Short Story] by Richard Ford – Review [Commissar Ploss]


Commissar Ploss reviews The Eviscerators, a Thaddeus Blaklok short story by Richard Ford, featured in the Vivisepulture anthology by Anarchy Books.

“Brilliant. Awesome. Epic. Short. Perfect.” ~The Founding Fields

So, some of you might not have seen the video review djinn24 and I did of Richard Ford’s novel Kultus from Angry Robot Books.  (If you’d like, you can view the video review at the bottom of this review.)

Spoiler alert, it’s one of the greatest books I’ve had the pleasure of reading this year.  This is simply another story featuring Thaddeus Blaklok, and i have to say, it’s just bloody brilliant.

Now I am indeed a fan of short stories, having written quite a few of them myself.  Some of which i hope to have published eventually…  However, what gets me every time with these types of stories is of course, the length… I wish some of them would just keep on going.  I can only assume that Mr. Ford is going to be writing more Thaddeus Blaklok and that makes my heart siiiiiing!  (Rich, be warned, if you’re not, I will hunt you down and force pen to paper… do not test me…)

Anyways. After we finished the review of Kultus, Rich pointed out to me in an email that within the anthology, “Vivisepulture” from Anarchy Books, publishing brainchild of my friend and colleague Andy Remic, I could find The Eviscerators, another Blaklok story, and he was kind enough to send me a copy of the story itself. Needless to say I gobbled it up in all of 15 minutes… sad, but I laughed. Oh, and I got angry, became depressed, rejoiced, raised an eyebrow, and cursed the power of money. All within a span of 15 minutes… That’s taxing to one’s system, I don’t care who you are!

I wont give too much of the story away because with stories this short, it’s difficult to do so without spoiling a significant chunk of it.

But i can give you a little info on Blaklok. Thaddeus is a brute. He’s a demonist, thug for hire, honor-bound man, and devilishly handsome (if you’re into tall, built men whose bodies are covered in tattoos, welts, brands and all other manner of sigil and sign).

He’s down on his cash in this story, which indeed seems to be the case in every story of his. He’s contacted by a rich, portly nobleman waving armfuls of cash. How can Thaddeus turn him down?! He doesn’t… It’s not a normal rough-up job, it’s far more…lethal…

There’s a surprise twist at the end that you definitely wont see coming, but it sure as shit boils your blood.

I give The Eviscerators a 10/10. It’s easy to fuck up a short story. Clearly, Richard Ford hasn’t discovered how, and for that, we thank you!

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    shout out to my man Richard Ford for hooking me up with a copy of his story.

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