TFF Weekly Newsletter is now LIVE!!! [TFF Site News]

Hello my friends! I just wanted to briefly let everyone know that I have launched a completely new way to keep up with The Founding Fields! If you look at the top of the bigger of the two right sidebars, you’ll notice the TFF Newsletter sign-up box! simply enter your Name and Email address and you will receive a weekly digest of the posts from TFF.

That’s right! Every Friday, right in your inbox, you will receive a Newsletter containing any new posts from that past week! It’s very convenient! Now, i know that a lot of you can’t always make it to the website when new posts come out… and still some of you aren’t aware of our Twitter feed and Facebook page, or that you can get our posts on your favorite news apps like LinkedIn Pulse and Flipboard. But THAT’S OK!!!! Simply put in your Name and Email address into the two fields in that sign up box. BOOM! done!

the Newsletter will post to Twitter every week as well. however, only on-site email subscribers get the good perks!

that’s right, there’s something special for email subscribers. is falling under a larger entity now, we’re calling it TFF Media Group. or TFF Media for short. We’re looking to produce short, free ebooks on the subject of publishing and reviewing and the like.

Only if we have your email (through the box) on your left, can we send you secret messages!!! when we publish an ebook, YOU! who has already signed up for the newsletter via email, will be the first to know, and be sent a link to download the book!

Fantastic, right???!!!! 😀

sign up! and reap the benefits!!!


David “Commissar” Ploss

TFF Media Group


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