Monsters Anonymous by Theresa Derwin – Advance Review (djinn24)


djinn24 reviews the debut book by Theresa Derwin, Monsters Anonymous.  A collection of horror and thriller stories bound together in book for by some wicked voodoo.

Each story just kept getting better and better, definitely not for the faint of heart. ~ The Founding Fields

Long time horror blogger and book reviewer Theresa Derwin ( has stepped up to serve us a dish of what she enjoys most, horror. Growing up in and living in Birmingham, UK her entire like, Theresa has worked a multitude of jobs, ending in 2012 when she decided to leave the civil service and write.

Monsters Anonymous is a collection of short stories being published by Anarchy Book in September of 2012. From the first page I found myself enjoying what I was reading, she has taken cult classics and offered a new twist on them as well as offering up some new and original stories and devices. One thing I found interesting is she mingles the stories and plots of the various stories with one another, primarily being interwoven with the first story of the book, where you get to meet the members of Monsters Anonymous, the story as you have noticed, the title of the book is from. Monsters Anonymous is a club of sorts, along the lines of Alcholics Anonymous.  But they are not trying to stop drinking, they are trying to stop eating!

Overall this is an enjoyable book filled with fun quick reads, great if you like horror but do not have enough time to read an entire book.  The largest problem I found with his book is some of the stories seemed rushed at the ending and could be expanded upon some to give the reader a better sense of the story being told, but all in all it all ties together nicely. I give this book a 7/1 0 and I am looking forward to seeing something full length from this author.

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