The Killing Kind by Chris Holm [djinn24]


Larry is back with a review of Chris Holm newest series opener The Killing Kind.

A fast paced, page turning adventure that keeps you riveted, this action/suspense defines the genre – Larry, The Founding Fields 

When I first read the tag line for this book, a hitman for hire who only hunts other hit men,  I knew it was going to be read. It was different and sounded fun. Doesn’t hurt it was written by Chris Holm someone who I have read in the past and enjoyed. The hitman hitman is a guy named Michael Hendricks, a likeable guy and former false-flag Special Forces operative. He is assumed dead after a mission in Afghanistan,  opening up just new life style as a hitman for hire. For ten times the price on your head he’ll make sure the guy who is gunning for you is the one who ends up pushing up daisys.

This was definitely a page turner of an action/suspense book, never giving you an opportunity to want to put the book down. It feels as if it has a faster tempo then Chris’ first books. Honestly I can see this being a one sitting read if you have the time, keeping you absolutely riveted.

The lead character, Michael Hendricks is a likeable guy, even for a hired killer, a true and absolute badass. The rest of the supporting cast is there, but only a couple that really stand out. Lester Meyers who is Michael’s right hand man and former operator. He is a tech nut, the guy behind the computer who keeps Michael from being picked up on camera. The other is Special Agent Charlotte Thomas, a badass FBI agent with a take no crap attitude who is hunting ‘the ghost’. Both of them are featured in the book, but they are definitely supporting characters.

This book, the start of a series, is a departure from what I originally knew Chris for, the supernatural mystery/thriller Collector series (Dead Harvest, The Big Reap, Wrong Goodbye) and honestly the change suits Chris well. This book is one to definitely keep on your radar as a book worm if you are a fan of action or suspense. The worst part about the book was having issues putting it down, call me weak but I needed sleep, and this book didn’t want to let me!

This is an easy 9 out of 10.


djinn24 is a professional miniatures painter, with an equally strong love of books. His reviews are concise and critical. He’s definitely good at what he does.


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