A crowd-funded launch for Rings of Smoke


Diane O’Toole is one of the growing number of authors exploring crowd-funding to generate pre-release interest in her book. She is using the  Britains Next Bestseller platform to launch her book. By supporting the book there are a number of great benefits so go and take a look.

However, intriguingly Rings of Smoke was originally released sometime ago. Diane made the decision to remove the book from sale, work on it, improve it and rerelease the book using the crowd-funding model. She has attracted a good number of initial pre-orders and we hope her success continues.


Rings of Smoke is a crime thriller that takes the reader on a journey back to the 1970s where they can learn about how basic policing procedural work was back then. With any work of fiction it is all about escapism and feeding the imagination, especially when the book has elements of fear and horror. The reader can become part of that world from the comfort and safety of their armchair, content in the knowledge that what they are seeing in their mind’s eye is all imagined. Diane told us about a section of the book where the young detective is considering who might commit such heinous crimes, and how it is a real insight into the thought processes that lead him to a conclusion that almost, but not quite, leads him to the killer. A surprising element of the book is the reasons why Leonard Fitch embarked at a young age on a career as a serial killer when he trained to become a neurosurgeon where he has reached the top in his chosen field of medicine, but exists in two very opposite worlds. One where he is known as the highly respected Mr Fitch where he saves lives, and the other dark and sinister world where he takes lives for revenge and self-gratification.


Apart from being a huge fan of horror and crime fiction, the decision to write Rings of Smoke for Diane came from life experience. She was


able to draw on a lot of her own life events – many of which were tragic and some very frightening, and this helped Diane tremendously, especially in developing the protagonist’s character, Erin Fallon.

Rings of Smoke is due to be published on the 24th September 2015 but only with YOUR help. Head to Britains Next Bestseller to find out more.

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