A Time To Pay: Suspense From David Woods

A Time To Pay

David Woods is the author of two thrilling novels: Drink With The Devil and A Time To Pay, though he has not always been a writer. In 1973, he joined a small agricultural supply company and became a director; after a while he was running 90 per cent of the company. A few years later, he was approached to start a new company and jumped at the chance. This was successful for two years until the parent company was taken over. David then bought a small business restoring old motorcycle and car instruments which has proved successful for the last ten years.

David Woods

A Time To Pay, David’s second novel, follows the story of a misfortunate man called Brian Wilkins in 1964. Son of an English farmer, Brian lives on a small, failing Kent farm facing bankruptcy. Depressed by his recent breakup, distraught by his mountainous money problems, Brian foolishly considers his discovery of a stash of stolen diamonds as good news. But just because the thieves were caught doesn’t mean their loot is fair game. So when Brian heads to Antwerp to sell the gems, thinking he’s riding off to find a fresh start, he has no idea the string of catastrophes he’s set in motion. Though for a while things seem to go in his favour for once – love, money, success – disaster waits in the wings. From the ruthless Belgian who should have received the diamonds to the British agent who knows where Brian’s wealth came from, Brian’s once unexceptional life is beginning to look like a dangerous high-stakes game he can’t win.

Stay tuned for more details about David’s writing experience. “With authentic 1960s farm life and a fast moving spy plot this is a good read. The motivation of one of the antagonists is so fully explored that one questions the usefulness of prison sentences. A thoughtful adventure story.” – Amazon review

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