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A Story Of Ultimate Sacrifice In WW2 By Chris Bridge

back behind enemy lines

Chris Bridge is the author of Back Behind Enemy Lines, a novel inspired by his mother. Though Chris has his own compelling backstory. After being expelled from boarding school, Chris studied English and Philosophy at Nottingham University. He then followed a successful career of teaching and management. Since retiring, Chris has worked as a consultant helping schools in difficulties. In his professional life he never abandoned writing. Until he became a Headteacher, Chris used to write school shows which often involved tailor-making a script to the students involved. One of his pieces was a musical called Cotton On which he took the the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; it sold out and earned a good review from The Scotsman. Back Behind Enemy Lines is Chris’ first novel.

A Time To Pay: Suspense From David Woods

A Time To Pay

David Woods is the author of two thrilling novels: Drink With The Devil and A Time To Pay, though he has not always been a writer. In 1973, he joined a small agricultural supply company and became a director; after a while he was running 90 per cent of the company. A few years later, he was approached to start a new company and jumped at the chance. This was successful for two years until the parent company was taken over. David then bought a small business restoring old motorcycle and car instruments which has proved successful for the last ten years.

David Woods

A Time To Pay, David’s second novel, follows the story of a misfortunate man called Brian Wilkins in 1964. Son of an English farmer, Brian lives on a small, failing Kent farm facing bankruptcy. Depressed by his recent breakup, distraught by his mountainous money problems, Brian foolishly considers his discovery of a stash of stolen diamonds as good news. But just because the thieves were caught doesn’t mean their loot is fair game. So when Brian heads to Antwerp to sell the gems, thinking he’s riding off to find a fresh start, he has no idea the string of catastrophes he’s set in motion. Though for a while things seem to go in his favour for once – love, money, success – disaster waits in the wings. From the ruthless Belgian who should have received the diamonds to the British agent who knows where Brian’s wealth came from, Brian’s once unexceptional life is beginning to look like a dangerous high-stakes game he can’t win.

Stay tuned for more details about David’s writing experience. “With authentic 1960s farm life and a fast moving spy plot this is a good read. The motivation of one of the antagonists is so fully explored that one questions the usefulness of prison sentences. A thoughtful adventure story.” – Amazon review

Stormcaller by Chris Wraight – Book Review [Bellarius]


After finishing the first installment of Chris Wraight’s ongoing Space Wolf series, Bellarius weighs the pros and cons of his follow-up with Stormcaller.

“While a definite step in the right direction for this series, Stormcaller fails to truly capture the fun of William King’s famed tomes or the monumental developments of Battle of the Fang.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

Michael J Flagg’s Tricks Of The Self-Publishing Trade

the learning curve cover

Michael J Flagg is the writer behind The Learning Curve of a First Time Self-Published Writer Online. He is a retired university lecturer who nowadays takes part in live theatre, an interest of Michael’s throughout his working life. You may know him for his first book following the life of Arthur Edwin Simms. An impressive tome, Michael chose to self-publish and this is what inspired his latest works. Michael’s experiences as a self-published writer are used as a basis to forewarn and forearm budding writers of some of the frustrations and pitfalls they might encounter when self-publishing.

When we asked Michael why he decided to write a book about self-publishing, he told us that writing his first book and self-publishing was an experience that other budding writers might profit by. He suggested it would be useful for college and university libraries dealing with leisure, tourism and hospitality. Michael also told us that he would have benefited from reading the book in his own time of self-publishing. The Learning Curve of a First Time Self-Published Writer Online (or The Learning Curve to quote from here onwards) is essentially a sequel to his original biography of Arthur Edwin Simms. It discusses the frustration and loneliness of being an online self-published writer. A unique aspect of the book that you may not be aware of is in chapter one; Michael has made references to Punch and Judy performances as well as a suggested link to Loggie Baird. These directly follow on from Michael’s first book, so you might want to have a read before fully understanding the hints!

Having experienced the highs and lows of self-publishing first-hand, we asked Michael what the most rewarding and difficult aspects are. He told us “the most difficult aspect is being or feeling entirely alone, especially when trying to decipher technical instructions online”. Of course, the most rewarding thing is finally seeing the book in print.

As previously mentioned, Michael has followed his love of theatre throughout his working life. He started with a two-year part time acting diploma at Mountview Theatre School, and twelve years with the Tavistock Repertory Company at Canonbury Tower, Islington. He also performed with other companies at The Cockpit, Webber Douglas, Rudolph Steiner Regent’s Park and the Kenneth More Theatre Ilford Essex including some directing. Now, living in Kent, he performs for the Dickens Players and the Hilderstone Players and has taken on professional engagements with Gordon Clarkson Productions at Margate.

Michael hopes to receive a positive reaction from aspiring writers about The Learning Curve, particularly those contemplating biographies similar to his own. His expertise in the industry leave us no doubts for the book’s success in helping others along the self-publishing path.


David Chilcott: The Thrilling Series of John McBride

David Chilcott is the author of the up and coming John McBride series: ‘Murphy’s Heist’ and its sequel ‘Cruise the Storm’. He is currently writing the third book of the series, planning to be published in early April. Having been an avid reader of fiction for a long time, David has toyed with writing a novel a few times previously. The first occasion was in his late twenties, a science fiction book that was never finished. Ten years later David completed a thriller novel, though never succeeded in getting it published. Third time lucky, with the knowledge of his ability to write thrillers, David set out to write for the e-book audience. He admits that when the first book went online, it has not undergone any editing. After this being pointed out in a review, David withdrew the book and had it edited. This resulted in him partly rewriting it, thus improving its rating to four stars!

Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare by Jason Fry and Paul R. Urquhart – Book Review [Bellarius]


Returning once more to the realm of Star Wars, Bellarius takes a brief look at one last hurrah by the Expanded Universe before it was bulldozed away by the same director who dumbed down Star Trek to an action film franchise.

“A superbly written and concise piece which stretches across millennia, giving the full scope of just how massive the galaxy far, far away once truly was.” – Bellarius