The Magician’s Land (The Magicians #3) by Lev Grossman – Book Review [Lady Salvatore]


Lady Salvatore got one of her greatest wishes:
an advanced copy of
The Magician’s Land,
the final book in a trilogy by Lev Grossman.

“Lev Grossman ties up his spellbinding The Magicians trilogy in a manner worthy of the highest praise!” – Lady Salvatore, The Founding Fields

The Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman takes place after the surprising events that occurred at the end of its predecessor, The Magician King. This story takes us back to places from both of the first two novels, among them Brakebills, the magical college that Quentin Coldwater (the main character) attended, the college that started it all. We also get to see Fillory again, through the eyes of Eliot and Janet, who are still there ruling as High King and High Queen. This story also follows Quentin into the darker side of magic, only previously seen through Julia’s eyes. The story predominantly takes place in the current timeline, with some history being told through a journal. This truly is a story of finding one’s way, thus giving the reader a feeling of uncertainty and wonder.

This novel takes place around six months after the events in The Magician’s Land. Quentin is no longer the 18-year-old we met in The Magicians. He is 30 and still trying to find his way, which I think speaks to many readers; we are always learning and growing. He has definitely grown from the cynical, angry boy that he was when he first discovered Brakebills. He changes throughout this novel as well, he is able to get past things that were once holding him back and change into the person that he really wants to be. I would be interested to read more about Quentin’s journey in the future (hint, hint Lev Grossman). There is another character that changes quite a bit, but unfortunately I can’t talk about it, unless I give up a large spoiler! We also get introduced to a new, younger character in this novel, Plum, who has a surprising connection to Quentin and his world.

This book definitely hits the ground running. The previous novel has you wondering what was going to happen next and The Magician’s Land jumps right into it. Lev Grossman also jumps back and forth between the setting of Fillory and the real world. He does this with grace and does it in larger pieces, rather than constant back and forth. I got what I was expecting from this novel: a great story with many surprises and a satisfying ending. I was so happy to be back in a world I love with characters that I’ve missed for the past three years.

The Magicians trilogy is probably one of my favorite trilogies. It is a great story of magic and fantasy, but also a story of growing up. Quentin’s adventures and trials shadow much of what it is like to grow up and find yourself. I also enjoy Lev Grossman’s take on magic. It’s not innate or simple, it is hard work. Magic is scientific and messy. It depends on the weather, the person’s emotions, and the time of day. The pop culture references are amazing as well. There are so many little nuances that bring this story to life. Lev Grossman throws some fun things in there, quirks to the land of Fillory and the school of Brakebills that would be endlessly entertaining. One example would be of the books in the library at Brakebills, they start breeding thus creating subgenres. The idea of one of these hybrid books is funny and very interesting. The description of every setting in these novels makes you feel like you are there, with the characters, going on an adventure. Lev Grossman’s world building is fantastic. I cannot say enough about these books, I highly recommend them to anyone.

Lev Grossman is the author of The Magicians trilogy, as well as two standalone novels: Codex and Warp. He has also written for Time magazine. He is on Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter (@leverus). His favorite magical land to live in would not be one from his books, but Narnia. You can find his novels at any major book retailer or your local library.

I would like to thank Viking for sending me an advanced copy of this novel. I have been eagerly awaiting this since I closed The Magician King. I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive it in the mail. I hope this review brings many more readers to the wonderful world Lev Grossman has created.


Rating: 10 – Stellar, not to be missed, favorite book of the year contender.

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