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Mark Walker

Commissar Ploss sits down with acclaimed author and friend of the site, Mark Walker to discuss the release and “rebadging” of his novel Desert Moon, among other topics! Sit back and enjoy!

mark Walker interview
Commissar Ploss – This month you’ll release Desert Moon on Kindle Direct Publishing KDP. You’re branding this as a “rebadging” what exactly do you mean?
Mark Walker – Desert Moon originally saw light as A Craving for Blood. In fact, you can still buy the paperback version of that book. Like George Lucas, however, I can’t seem to let well enough alone. Desert Moon has been rewritten, re-edited, changed, and improved. That and the much, much bigger audience provided by Kindle Direct Publishing, is why I’ve rebadged, and re-released the original book.
CP – Do you feel you are a better writer now than when you published your first novel, A Craving for Blood?
MW – You bet. Writers get better every time they put fingertip to keyboard. If they don’t they need to stop writing.
CP – What is the basic story line?
MW – It’s a struggle by an oppressed people to throw a much stronger adversary off their back. In this case the oppressed have recently found a mothballed cache of old, American Army equipment, and the stronger adversary uses Mechs, genetically-engineered humans, and covert, vampire-like operatives to hold onto what is theirs.
CP – Your novels are often genre-benders, incorporating elements from horror, science fiction, and military adventure. Why is that?
MW – Not sure. I often read very traditional books, such as Bernard Cornwell historical fiction, Tom Clancy military adventure, or Stephen King horror, but when I write, I tend to mix the three. Not always, but often.
CP – Do you feel that hurts or helps sales?
MW – To be honest, it probably hurts, but by the same token, I only know how to write (or design, for that matter) what I love. But who knows? My next release, Elevator, is just a simple short story about growing old, longing for youth, and a bit of erotica.
CP – The release of Desert Moon on will give you quiet a brace of KDP material (two novels and three short stories). Do you feel this is the wave of the future?
MW – I believe that it is the wave of “a” future, but perhaps not “the” future. KDP puts the power of publishing in the author’s hands. That’s great, but I doubt it will replace traditional publishing.
CP – What’s up with your blog? Politics, games, film, books, writing tips, game design tips… it’s all over the place. Most folks try to brand themselves and their blog, you seem to go to the opposite extreme. Why?
MW – I make frequent blog posts. I simply wouldn’t have enough interesting material if I only blogged about books, or games, or whatever. In fact Whatever, John Scalzi’s blog, is the inspiration for mine.
CP – Who are some of your favorite authors?
MW – Ralph Peters, Peter Hamilton, Dan Abnet, Stephen King, Adam Baker, Frank Miller, Brian K. Vughn, Ed Brubaker.
CP – Could you name, if you had to, an author or person that that influenced you must profoundly. Above all others?
MW -It would be more than one. Dr. Lavore my college music theory professor taught me one of the most valuable lesson of my life, “You don’t get any energy sitting on your ass.” Writers that have influenced me would be Stephen King, David Drake, Harold Coyle, and Dr. Seus.
CP – Read any good books lately?
MW – I’m a voracious reader. As King said, “If you are going to write, you must read.” Favorite of this year is King’s 11/22/63. Also enjoyed Bernard Cornwell’s Pagan Lord.
CP – What sort of themes influence your writing?
MW – Authentic combat, creepy paranormal, and love.
CP – Do you have any habits in your process that you would describe as odd or unusual?
MW – Hmmm… well, sometimes I really get cranking to one, particular song. I’ll put it on repeat and throw down the words. Last time this happened it was Deadmau5’s Animal Rights.
CP – Any new major projects to be expected from LN’L under Mr Heath?
MW – That’s  a question that you’d need to ask David. LNLP was bought in March 2013 by outside (obviously )buyers. They found running a game company wasn’t as easy as they thought. David came in this year to take the reigns. He is the man that determines production, charging, and new title policies. I maintain the core sytem designs.
CP – I know you’ve got new and exciting ideas floating around in your head! Anything you can secret us in on??!
MW – Yeah, I guess a couple of things. Currently wrapping a pretty cool short titled Elevator. It’s about a middle-aged guys unexpected encounter with an equally frustrated younger woman. Also working a Kickstarter titled Twisted War. It’s a compilation of war stories with a twist. Numerous authors. If everything comes together, numerous famous authors.
CP – And once again, where can our readers find you? A list of your material? And let’s make sure we get plugs in for the various social networks!
MW – They can find me in my office, clacking away, but baring a road trip, I can be found at.
Published Fiction:
World at War: Revelation
Desert Monn
Total Victory
The Greatest Fear
Elevator (soon to come)

TFF would like to thank Mark for chatting with us! It’s always wonderful getting to talk with him and find out what is new in his life and career! Come back to TFF for more Author Interviews like this one!

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