The Top 5 Must Read Comics This NCBD! (07 May 2014)


Milo, aka “Bane of Kings”, runs down the Top 5 must-read comics that hit shelves this NCBD, featuring Dark Horse, Image, Marvel and DC books from several creative teams in a multitude of settings. There’s something here for every comics reader.

Wow, what a week we have in store this week. First weeks of the month are usually the most expensive ones in comics and there’s no change from the norm here. Aside from these five featured here we also get books like Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man debuting over at Marvel, whilst DC’s The Movement comes to a close and Batman Eternal reaches its second month. Just because they’re ignored on this list does not mean they’re good – but if you find yourself restricted to five books these should be yours. As usual, you can find my pull-list in full here, and the full list of releases here.



Story: Victor Gischler | Art: Will Conrad | Colours: Michelle Madsen |  Publisher: Dark Horse Comics | Price: $3.50

As Faith awkwardly settles into her new job at Kennedy’s bodyguards-for-hire company, Angel is finding that he knows less than everyone about what is going on in London’s magic town. Trying to get to the bottom of a fiendish group of scheming pixies, Angel travels further down a really wrong road . . .

WHY? The Buffy series  is one of my favourite TV programs and so far I’ve really been digging the Season 10 series in both the main Buffy and the Angel & Faith series. Though we’re still in early stages, Victor Gischler is the right man for the job it seems and if you’re a Buffy fan then it doesn’t require much effort to catch up on the title with only one issue that needs buying.



Story: Greg Rucka | Art: Russell Dauterman | Colours: Chris Sotomayor | Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $3.99

Cyclops just discovered that the father he thought died long ago is alive and well and A SPACE PIRATE. Spinning directly out of ALL-NEW X-MEN, comes the first ongoing solo series for one of the time-traveling Original X-Men. After the events of “Trial of Jean Grey”, Scott Summers stays in space to learn some valuable lessons from his dad: 1) How to shave, 2) How to talk to girls, 3) How to steal a Badoon space-ship.

WHY? I never thought I’d say this but I am really looking forward to a Cyclops ongoing. I’m not the character’s greatest fan but how cool an idea does it sound when you put a young Cyclops in space with his dad, who’s a SPACE PIRATE. This book should be a fantastic book and the name attached to it, Greg Rucka – really should be all you need to consider picking up this book as he constantly brings his A-Game to every title. And whilst not featured here, I recommend hunting down the Skottie Young Cover as well, because whilst the main one is awesome, that is just as good.



Story: Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire | Art: Patrick Zircher | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $2.99

Five years from now, the DC Universe is reeling from a war with another Earth, leaving the world unprepared for an approaching evil that threatens to destroy the future. Can a time-traveling Batman Beyond help a massive cast of the DCU’s finest avert the impending apocalypse? Find out in this new weekly series that will forever alter the direction of The New 52! In this debut issue of The New 52’s weekly series, Batman Beyond arrives five years later! Grifter turns against humanity! And a Justice League member DIES!

WHY? This book should be great for readers who are looking for characters who haven’t ha a great success in the New 52. We’ve got Grifter back for the first time since his cancelled title, and Firestorm – who whilst has cropped up in Justice League hasn’t really had much to do so hopefully both characters get a role to play. When you also consider the fact that this is not only a weekly but also penned by the talents of Azzarello, Giffen and Lemire, this should be a must-read book, especially considering how awesome that cover looks.



Story: Jeff Lemire | Art: Andrea Sorrentino | Colours: Marcelo Maiolo | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $2.99

“The Outsiders War” finale, featuring the return of Count Vertigo! As the final shot in this war is fired from his bow – what is left of Green Arrow?

WHY? Yes, it may be the finale of an arc and not the first issue or a jumping on point, like this list is designed for, but I simply couldn’t leave out the best title in DC’s stable. Smart, fun, and with awesome artwork to boot, Andrea Sorrentino has consistently knocked this book out of the park on the artistic front and Lemire is doing just as good with the storyline. Incredible read.



Story: Kurtis J. Weibe | Art: Rob Upchurch | Publisher: Image Comics | Price: $3.50

THE FAR REACHING TENTACLES OF N’RYGOTH,’ Part One A brand new booze-soaked arc of Rat Queens reveals a growing menace within the very walls of Palisade. And while Dee may have run from her past, the bloated, blood-feasting sky god N’rygoth never really lets his children stray too far. FIRST ISSUE OF A NEW STORY ARC! PERFECT JUMP-ON POINT!

WHY? Yeah, it may be #6, but as the Solicit describes, this is your entry point onto one of the most fun comics in the industry. Fantasy is the predominant feature here as it benefits from a great sense of humour, so I can highly recommend this book if you’re looking for something outside the standard superhero fare. Awesome book, and whilst it may be last in alphabetical order on this list, it’s certainly not last in terms of quality. Go pick up Volume 1 and see for yourself.

Milo, aka Bane of Kings, is a SFF/Comic reader, and watches a lot of TV. His favourite authors are Neil Gaiman, China Mieville, Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson & Iain M. Banks, whilst his favourite TV shows are Battlestar Galactica (2003), Person Of Interest, Firefly, Game of Thrones, & Buffy the Vampire Slayer