The Top 5 Comics To Look Out For On 11 December 2013

Batgirl #26

Bane of Kings runs down the Top 5 Comics To look out for that are hitting shelves this week.

There are lots of good books coming out this week comics wise, in fact – it’s another packed week – I’m picking up fifteen comics from this week alone. So there’s always going to be a hard choice in deciding which series should go on the list – there are of course some staples, like Batgirl, Batman and Lazarus, but anything else is up for grabs. It’s also the first list in a while to not feature a Marvel Book – and that’s because Captain America and Uncanny X-Men are the only two Marvel books that I’m getting this week and neither feel like Top 5 worthy when compared to the other five on this list. However, you can see my pull-list in all its glory here, as well as check out what books are hitting shelves this week in full here. For example, Unity hits shelves this week but because I missed out on that book due to a heavy week last time I’m not able to include it on my pull-list. However if I were including books that I’m not reading (or haven’t read yet) then it would go right up here. Now without further ado, let’s get on with the show.


Batgirl #26

Story: Gail Simone | Art: Fernando Pasarin | Cover: Alex Gardner | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $2.99

The shocking conclusion of ‘Batgirl: Wanted’! Can Barbara save her father’s life without compromising the truth about her brother’s death?

WHY? This three part storyline has taken longer than it should to wrap up because of Zero Year and Villain’s Month but I’m really looking forward to more Barbara Gordon. Gail Simone has been knocking it out of the park with each issue and it’s an incredibly strong comic that comes highly recommended. Plus – just how good is that Alex Gardner cover?


Batman #26

Story: Scott Snyder | Art: Greg Capullo | Cover: Greg Capullo | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $3.99

ZERO YEAR continues! With Gotham City thrown into total chaos by The Riddler, Batman and Jim Gordon must learn to work together!

WHY? Although Batman is no longer my favourite DC Comic with Jeff Lemire’s Green Arrow having overtaken it in quality it remains a very strong read and is probably my second favourite DC Book at the moment. I’m loving what Snyder and Capullo bring to the table each month and I’m hoping for another great installment of Zero Year – and although we’ve seen the origin of Batman and Jim Gordon’s friendship before it’ll certainly be interesting to see how Snyder and Capullo handle it – and hopefully like they’ve done with the rest of the series – very well.


Coffin Hill #3

Story: Caitlin Kitteredge | Art: Miranda Inaki | Cover: Dave Johnson | Publisher: Vertigo Comics | Price: $2.99

The woods of Coffin Hill offer up some old bones, but the fate of the two missing teenagers remains a mystery. Nate reluctantly accepts Eve’s help with his investigation when he hits a wall. And just as Nate and Eve rekindle their disastrous relationship, Eve’s friend Mel wakes from her ten-year catatonic state and tells Eve that more darkness than she ever suspected has awakened along with her…

WHY? A dark and fun series that’s continuously excellent over its previous two issues with a nice horror feel that helps make Coffin Hill one of the best Vertigo books around. Certainly worth jumping on board if you haven’t already, Kitteredge and Inaki are doing wonders with this book.


Justice League 3000 #1

Story: Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis | Art: Howard Porter | Cover: Howard Porter | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $2.99

The new series starring the heroes of today – tomorrow is resolicited, now with legendary artist Howard Porter (JLA) on board! But what are these heroes doing in the year 3000? And who (or what) brought them there? Get ready for a dose of wonder from the writing team of Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis!

WHY? A new Justice League series focused on members of Justice League in the Year 3000? Sounds like a great idea and I’ve been hearing good things about the creative team so I’m going to be reading this for sure.


Lazarus #5Story: Greg Rucka | Art: Michael Lark | Cover: Michael Lark | Publisher: Image Comics | Price: $3.50

NEW STORY ARC! ‘LIFT,’ Part One Following Jonah’s betrayal, Forever is beginning to question the nature of family, in particular her own. Waste from all over the Carlyle domain travel to Denver in hopes of improving their lives.

WHY? Greg Rucka and Michael Lark have made this series a must read over the past four issues and if anything can beat Batman to Pick of the Week spot it’ll be this. Looking forward to it and it’s one of the best Image books around right now – and I’m glad it’s finally hitting shelves – with no issue last month.

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