Top 5 Comics To Look Out For On Wednesday 20 2013

Daredevil #33

I run down the Top 5 Comics To Look out for on Wednesday 20th 2013.

There are a lot of awesome comics coming out this week and for the first time since starting reading comics on a weekly basis I reach a week where I’m only reading one DC Comic. I’ve dropped Batwoman and Supergirl, the former because I wasn’t happy with the circumstances behind the new creative team coming on the latter being because I didn’t want to get invested in YET ANOTHER Scott Lobdell crossover, and I also wasn’t happy with Michael Alan Nelson not being allowed to remain on Supergirl for longer – I don’t know whether he quit, was sacked or only did those issues anyway – but I’m not going to be following that book any longer which sucks as both characters are among my favourite at DC right now. However, back onto this week’s comics – you can find the full release of comics today here, as well as the comics that I’m going to be picking up right here. Now without further ado, let’s get on with the show.


Batman and Robin #25

Story: Peter J. Tomasi | Art: Patrick Gleason | Price: $2.99 | Publisher: DC Comics

As Two-Face continues his rampage through Gotham City, more light is shed on his past. Who is Carrie Kelley and how can her mysterious connection to Harvey Dent help Batman?

WHY? The last issue of the Batman and Two-Face arc explored the origins of Harvey Dent in the New 52 and it’ll be very interesting to see how this issue continues the thread. Having recently watched The Dark Knight Returns P1 and P2 I’m now safely behind Carrie Kelley’s development in the New 52 and it’ll be interesting to see where Tomasi takes the reader. Whilst this may be the weakest core Bat title that I’m reading in my view (behind Batman and Detective Comics), Batman and Robin remains a fun and awesome read nonetheless even without the Boy Wonder.


Daredevil #33

Story: Mark Waid | Art: Chris Samnee | Price: $2.99 | Publisher: Marvel Comics

“Monsters Stink!”

 Daredevil finds himself wrapped up in an adventure that will send his life spiraling out of control as we head into next year’s 50th Anniversary…and the end of everything Matt Murdock holds dear!

WHY? There are some comics that I’m really disappointed that they’ve had to come to a cancellation and or an deliberate ending, or suffer from untimely writer departures. Daredevil is coming to an end next year – but as Mark Waid is one of my favourite comics writers in the industry right now, I’m going ot be following this series all the way to the bitter end, and I really can’t wait for this issue. Among my Top 3 series at the moment with Batman & Green Arrow, for me – Mark Waid’s Daredevil is damn near essential reading and highly recommended.


The Wake #5

Story: Scott Snyder | Art: Sean G. Murphy | Price: $2.99 | Publisher: Vertigo Comics

There have been hints that Lee Archer’s struggle at the bottom of the ocean will have much, much bigger ramifications. A flooded future…an impact on evolution…and more.

Now, we finally find out. If you think you know what THE WAKE is about, this issue changes everything.

WHY? FINALLY! A new issue of The Wake. This is one of my Top 5 non-big two books and I’m glad that we’ve at last got another issue. #5 also marks the halfway mark in this mini-series and I’m really looking forward to see what Snyder and Sean G. Murphy have for us this week. Can’t wait.


X-O Manowar #19

Story: Robert Venditti | Cary Nord | Price: $3.99 | Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Exploding out of the pages of UNITY #1, start reading here as X-O Manowar goes head-to-head against the united forces of Valiant’s first-ever super team! Aric of Dacia has fought to reclaim the ancestral lands of the Visigoths – and he has bled for it. But nothing he has faced before can prepare him for the combined might of UNITY – and the deadly combination of Toyo Harada, Ninjak, Eternal Warrior and Livewire!

To kill a king, they created an army – but X-O Manowar isn’t going down without a fight! Acclaimed creators Robert Venditti and Cary Nord launch the man behind the armor into his deadliest, most formidable challenge yet on November 20th, right here in X-O Manowar #19!

WHY? I missed out on UNITY completely last week due to my pull list containing a ridiculously large amount of comics and whilst my experience with Robert Venditti hasn’t always been that positive I’m certainly willing to give this book a shot. However, I haven’t reserved it on my pull list as I only found out about the book today so there’s no guarantees that I’ll be able to pick it up – but it’s something that I’m keeping an eye out for all the same.


Young Avengers #12

Story:  Kieron Gillen | Art: Jamie McKelvie | Price: $2.99 | Publisher: Marvel Comics

 The Young Avengers versus “The Young Avengers”. The stakes? What have you got?

 Loki’s scheme reaches its final twist. Expect the team’s jaws to just hit the floor and lie there, twitching for the rest of the comic.

 A tempting offer for Noh-Varr may get an arrow through his head. Other romance based drama too, as kissing is the new planetary extinction event.

WHY? This title, like Daredevil, is wrapping up soon – McKelvie and Gillen only planned for a ‘season’ long series and it’ll be interesting to see how they finish it – I believe there’s something like four issues left. This is a real shame because like Daredevil and X-Men, Young Avengers is in my Top 5 favourite Marvel books alongside Hawkeye and Thor: God of Thunder. However – like Daredevil, because I love this book so much – I’ll be sticking right to the very end.

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